Enable Peek At Desktop In Windows 8

If you use windows 7, you might be aware about the peek feature which allows you to peek or in other words it gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop as shown in the image below. We have already posted about different things you can do with aero peek like hide or disable peek at desktop or Turn Off or Remove Aero Peek or easy way to show or peek at desktop, you can read it here. Today we will tell you how to enable Peek at desktop in windows 8

enable Peek at desktop in windows 8

Why we say, you will need to enable this feature because this feature is by default disabled in windows 8 consumer preview we recently installed, however enabling it is also very easy, as you just need to right click on the small vertical bar in taskbar in windows 8 and then check Peek at desktop, that’s it as shown in the image below.

windows 8 peek at desktop

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