[Solved] Macros Not Working Microsoft Office Excel 2010

Macros have been disabled in Microsoft Office 2010 , this has been done in order to keep your system away from all the vulnerable code that are present in the macros. This macros security feature has been added keeping in mind about the history of the macros viruses, but sometimes we really really need them to get our work done. In this tutorial i will be telling you a very simple way in order to enable your macros when you require them.

The macros are generally used in order to communicate with excel, as VBE uses them to do so. In this tutorial i will not be using any external tool to enable the macros but i will alter some of the default settings in the Microsoft Office which will enable the macros and then you will be able to use it. You will just have to follow the steps mentioned below and then you can enable the macros. The steps narrated below are for the Excel but they are quite similar to the steps to be used in Word.

  1. The excel window will look similar to the one shown below in the snapshot. You see can a green colored tab named as File in the menu bar. Click that tab.
    8-14-2010 2-26-29 PM

  2. You can see the option under File, as shown below in the snapshot. At the bottom of those options you can see two sub-options named as Options and exit, which are written in small font as compared to the others written above it. Click the ‘Option’ tab
    8-14-2010 2-27-07 PM

  3. You will see another window as shown in the snapshot below, where again you can see some of the options enlisted on the left side. Now, on that list click the Trust Center option.
    8-14-2010 2-27-22 PM

  4. You can see the that an option has been highlighted with the green colored circle, which is supposed to be clicked. On clicking that option you will another window which will be similar to the one shown below in snapshot. Now to enable the macros, click the option circled in green in the application window. Though doing this has not been recommended but you can do it and then the macros will be enabled.
    8-14-2010 2-28-37 PM

I hope that this tutorial has met its requirements and it will help you to solve your problem. Please try to use this and leave any comment if you have a better solution to this problem. We will be glad to publish it, if we found it genuine.


  1. this is not working for me, it still gives the same error that macros might be disabled for the worksheet…

  2. Oh God, you can not imagine how much irritation it has caused for me to enable macros in MS Excel. I was damn stuck up. Thanks ABHINA you have solved such a big problem of mine. The way you have explained is tremendous.

  3. great info thanks for the help the only problem i had was i had to restart excel for this to work for me! Thanks Lee

  4. This helps if the buttons are not greyed out. i have these buttons greyed out. not sure sure how to ungrey them to enable these macros later

  5. This helps if the buttons are not greyed out. i have these buttons greyed out. not sure sure how to ungrey them to enable these macros later

  6. This is a great way of enabling all my macros on my Excel but is there a way setting up a workbook to automatically enable macros upon opening? Not only on my pc but on whoever opens the document? I have a file which various people need to complete but macros need to be enable in order for them to be prompted to complete the document.
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  7. To fix this problem, all you have to do is copy your info into a new document and you will no longer get the error message

  8. Hi, Even after doing all the process as mentioned the macro is still not enabled. I have even restarted the computer twice. Is there any other issue.

  9. This helps if the buttons are not greyed out. i have these buttons greyed out. not sure sure how to ungrey them to enable these macros later

  10. I changed all the setting to enable all macros but when another individual gets into my workbook the macros don’t work. Does anyone know whats going on or can anyone help?

  11. For those who try this and macros still are not working, here’s what worked for me.

    Go to the Trust Center Settings as instructed. On the left, above Macro Settings, select Trusted Locations. Add the “fully qualified path” to the folder containing the document (or a parent folder and also select the option to trust subfolders).

    Fully qualified path: You must enter or browse to a path that begins with a drive letter. A path relative to your desktop or libraries folder won’t be accepted. In the Browse window, select Computer, then a drive and on down to whatever folder level you want to be trusted.

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