Encrypt Data On Windows Drive Or Partition Without Installing Any Extra Software

There are many free and paid softwares which help you ensure that your data remains safe from theft by encrypting the data on your hard disk drives and other storage drives, but do you really need to install additional software or tools to encrypt your data for security, the answer is probably No. Because if you are using Windows 7 or higher version, you have this functionality very easily available and built-in in your Windows operating system and you can easily configure Windows to encrypt data on a particular drive or partition without any hassle. In this article, I will share with a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial to use Windows Bit-Locker feature to encrypt important data partitions or drives on your Windows PC.

Windows Bit-Locker

Steps To Use Windows BitLocker To Encrypt Windows Drives

Step 1:  Go to Computer and right click on the drive or partition which you want to encrypt. Click on “Turn on BitLocker

Note, you can also use this option for USB Hard drives, pen drives, memory cards or any writable storage media in Windows.

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Step 2: After this, BitLocker will show you options to unlock the drive to access the files on the drive. You can choose from using a password, a smartcard or automatically unlock a drive on a particular computer. The third option may not be available for removable drives, this is shown only in fixed drives for security reasons.

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Step 3: Select the options and enter required details to proceed.

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Step 4: In this step, the software will ask you to save the encryption recovery key for the case in which you may loose your password or smartcard. This step is very important, you can choose from saving it to a USB drive, or to a file on the computer or print the key so that you can keep it at a safe place. We printed it to show you how it looks like.

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Sample Recovery Key

Step 5: Next up it gives you a warning that it may take time to enable encryption depending on the size of drive and content or files saved on the drive. It is advisable to not disturb the process once it starts as it may be fatal for your data. Once you are ready, press start encrypting. In case you use a laptop, ensure that it is plugged into charger, also if it’s a desktop PC, make sure you have uninterrupted power supply.

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Step 6 : Just wait and watch until the whole process is completed.

Encryption Started

Encryption Complete

This is it, no extra software installation needed, no need to pay for expansive encryption tools, simply use the in-built feature of Windows. We hope you like this tutorial, check out some more Windows Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.


  1. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit. When I right clicked, I couldn’t find the turn on Bit Locker option. Can you please help?


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