End program – WMS Idle message on windows shutdown


One of our readers Jasjit reported a problem "When I shutdown my computer a message appears that WMS Idle does not closed properly"


This is a very common problem faced by many computer users. When they shutdown the computer, following error appears:

"End program – WMS idle"

End Program WMS Idle


What is WMS Idle ?



WMS is media related service by Microsoft. It runs to support certain applications or services when the computer is in idle state.


Why WMS Idle message appears?



This message appears because when windows is trying to shutdown and end all the running processes, the WMS idle process keeps working. Thus an end-program message appears. The two most common reasons for this are:

  1. Scout service run by Nero 7
  2. Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Lets see how we can fix up this error.


The fix is simple, disable the Nero 7 scout service if it is enabled.

For this, go to  Start > All Programs > Nero > Tools > Nero Scout.

On this screen ,Uncheck Enable the Nero scout.

See the image below:

Disable Nero Scout


This will fix the issue for most of the users, for the rest of you who are not using Nero are most probably getting this error because of Microsoft Office Communicator 2005. For that you need to either manually exit the communicator 2005 from the system tray before you shutdown windows, or also you can use this hot-fix provided by Microsoft for WMI Idle error message.


We Hope it helps!


  1. my harddisk is not responding there is a lot of important data to me to retrieve it i tried external box and the option slave and did not work what shall i do plz help the partition c: does not open at all put partition d: is opend

  2. Thank you so much for this page.

    Microsoft totally ignores the Nero reason and problem and that was the problem.

    I followed your suggestion, disabled Nero Scout and voila: problem solved.

    Great, thanks …

  3. Thanks for your help. Easy solution for an annoyance that I didn’t need. Thanks again.

  4. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!! Unchecked Scout Services Nero 7 and the problem is gone. I hate when programs like Nero take over you computer without asking.

  5. Thank you abhishek. saved me the time of calling my AMC guy and felt good too at having set the problem right on my own (of course with your help). Visit my website if you are interested in Nifty trading, for free technical analysis

  6. owhh so simple solution.

    why i never know before this..huh

    its the time to say bye2 to WMS idle msg..

    thanx ya!

  7. Thanks a lot for the solution to WMS idle and hpw5hei.hlp problems.

  8. Thanks for the solution.I was worried that some day computer may crash by using END PROGRAM every time.

  9. Thanks amlot
    it was Nero 7 Scout.
    I uncheck the Enable Nero Scout, and this solved the proble,m 🙂

  10. I disabled the Nero Scout but it didn’t fix the problem for me.

    I don’t have Communicator 2005 but I tried downloading that patch anyway. Microsoft recognized that I don’t have the problem and gave me an error message when I tried to install the patch.

    Can anyone think of any other program that could be causing the WMD idle not responding message at shut down?

  11. Thank you so much for the suggestion.I disabled the Nero Scout and there is no WMS-idle while shutting down…..:)

  12. hmm did this right away . former install of essentials it worked , but now its back again even when i unchecked scout

  13. thanks a lot for your help ……
    I also want to tell friends, who have problems like this

  14. my windows movie maker stops working as soon as i click on the “capture video” option. i just got m y laptop formatted and initially it worked fine, but again this problem occured. help plz!

  15. Thank you for the solution. The problem with my system shutdown was with Nero Scout, it was enabled. I disabled it and now the problem is fixed. Once again thanks

  16. Disabled Nero Scout and this fixed it for me on very old PC running Windows XP. Thanks!

  17. Thank you for this. Google search bought this up 2 seconds later problem solved.

  18. I want my cp to stay on all the time,Ihave less trouble if it stays on all the time and after being off th cp for while all I had to do was left click and the cp would come on and it shows how many min. it was idle. Now if I leave the cp for a extended time and go back to use it , it has cut itself off and I have to hit the on and off button. I would like it to keep running all the time. Thanks for your help. Charles

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