Error: " There was an error in burning this disc " when writing a disc in windows vista



One of our readers got the error message “There was a error message in burning the disc. The disc might no longer be usable“.

This problem is observed with windows vista. When users try to burn disc using windows vista default cd writing system, this problem may occur. This problem is not very common, it occurs sometimes due to some typical issues.

Let’s see how can we fix it.


This error message normally occurs when following conditions are true:

1. A file you are trying to burn has a dollar sign ($) character in the file name extension.

2. User may be using the Mastered disc format to burn the files.

What is Mastered Disc Format?

The Mastered file system format is used to create CDs and DVDs. Discs that you create by using the Mastered file system format are more likely to be compatible with older computers. For the disc creation to be successful, you must not interrupt the final burning process before it finishes.

How to fix the above issues?

1. To solve the problem due to the first reason, rename the file name extension of the file.

2. Do not Let your computer to go in sleep mode until it has finished burning the files to the disc.

Why disc burning failed due to sleep mode?

When you Burn a disc, but before burning completes burning the files to the disc, you put the computer to sleep or may be due to the power settings your computer enters sleep mode. So, the disk creation does not finish after you wake your computer from sleep.

We hope this helps to fix your problem of error in burning disc.


  1. it will be really kind of you to reply to my query. i have window vista installed on my system compaq presario v3000 series. whenever i try to burn dvd,it starts well but after few minutes,it gets stuck. thereafter it does not moves at all. n wenevr i restart ,disc is found corrupted n unusable.
    plz suggest me what to do.


  2. Hi Rohit,

    U’ve mentioned 2 reasons for failure of burning, i’ve checked for both, but still i’m facing the same prblm with burning…
    thr is no $ sign and i’m not burning in mastered format… can u tell me what else can be the reason for this?
    hoping for your reply AEAP..
    Thank u!


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