[Security] Exynos Powered Android Phones Prone To Security Vulnerability– How To Be Safe?

Around mid of December 2012, it was discovered that a series of processors from Exynos have a security vulnerability on some of the popular Android phones which are already there in the market. Some of these popular phones include Samsung Galaxy SIII , Note II ,Galaxy SII,  Meizu MX etc. which use Exynos 4410 and Exynos 4412 chips.

This vulnerability leads to your data on the phone prone to deletion or in worse case, it can be stolen by a malicious app. However the Exynos 5 Chip does not have this loop hole or exploit in it. It affects the Kernel part of the Android OS and can lead to the phone getting bricked or hang or stop working abruptly.

Exynos Vulnerability

Phone manufacturers like Samsung have also released official statement that they have come to know of the issue and are working on releasing security patches for the same. Recently as per a report by Android Central, Samsung  has started pushing updates to plug the security loop-hole for some of the phones.

How To Keep Safe From This Vulnerability

First of all, check your device detailed specifications to know if your smartphone uses the Exynos 4410 or Exynos 4412 chipset of not. If not, then you need not worry about this security flaw. If yes, then on your android phone, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update and check if there is any firmware or software update released for your phone. If yes, take a backup of your data and update your phones software.

In case there is no updates, you can check the manufacturer’s website for any announcement on future updates. Till that times, do not install any application on the phone from other than official sources of Google Play Store. Also don’t accept unknown files on your smartphone and don’t visit any suspicious looking links of websites.


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