Facebook Account Blocked Warning Email Can Be Fake– Beware Of Phishing

Like most Facebook users, I also panicked when I saw an email telling me that my Facebook account has been blocked. I was surprised and shocked as to why it has happened? The subject like of the email was:

“Most recent events on Facebook”

and the content read as:

“You have blocked your Facebook account. You can reopen your account at any time by logging into Facebook with your previous login email address and password. Subsequently you will be able to take advantage of the site as usual.

Best regards,
The Facebook Team”

Facebook Blokced Warning

Turned out, the very authentic looking email was a FAKE email and was a phishing attack. Here are some points to keep in mind whenever you receive such an email.

1. Keep calm and don’t click on any link in the email.

2. Check the sender’s address, does it say via some server and the domain is not facebook.com, then its probably a fake email.

3. Open Facebook on a new tab or window and see if your Facebook account it actually blocked? If not, then this email is just Fake.

4. Hoover the mouse, DON’T Click, on any of the links and observe the link which appears on the bottom of the browser and see if that link is of facebook.com or some other website. If its some other website, its Fake email.

FB Phishing Attack

5. Even if the email is authentic from Facebook about a block notification, its recommended that you don’t click on the links inside the email and try logging in directly in Facebook by typing the address manually in the browser. If the account is really blocked it will guide you on how to unlock it.

6. If you are find that the email is fake and not from an authorized source, report it as Phishing email so that the mail server gets to know of it.

Report Phishing

We hope you find the above tip useful. Do share it on your Facebook wall and help your friends by making them aware and saving them from their Facebook account being hacked by phishing attacks.

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