FilePhile – Share Large Files Over Internet Directly Without Uploading To Servers


Have you faces problems sharing large files which can not be attached with an email ? If you do not want to upload the files to a server like Megaupload or Rapidshare or many other such servers, you may face the trouble of sharing such large files over Internet.


Today we will tell you about a Free tool called FilePhile which you can use to send large files to your friends over internet directly.


FilePhile is a free tool with an easy to use interface and works smoothly for sharing files over the Internet with your friends. You can send and receive files to and from your friends who are online at the same time.


You need to follow these simple steps for the first time you set up filePhile:

  1. Visit and register with your email id and any password (we recommend to use a password different than your email account password for safety reasons). Both you and your friend, who wants to share file,need to register on this site with your respective email ids.
  2. Download FilePhile from here and  install it on your computer.
  3. Log into the FilePhile using the email id and password with which you registered in step 1 above.
  4. Add your friend using Add Buddy Button.
  5. Click on File > Send and select file you want to send. Ask your friend to be online on his computer and receive file sent by you directly on his computer.






You can also have a private text chat with your friend using this software.


  1. my college has a proxy server installed at port 8080 which requires to make FilePhile use that proxy address and connect to internet?
    currently my FilePhile shows offline status always.

  2. Amazing! Thanks never knew about it!!

    works perfectly! but speeds are slow!! 🙁

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