Windows XP Files And Folders Open On Single Click

One of our readers submitted a problem on our question answer portal – Answers By Trouble Fixers

I have a problem do not know what but probably virus or something which can not be detected by any anti virus. I can feel its presence by a indication which is if I click on "my computer" just once my system take me inside of   "my computer" where I need to click twice. It also do the the same work with my drives and folders. I saw this kind of virus a long ago but that time I was able to remove the thing but this time I am failed to detect the thing. Can you help me?


The reader did not mention his/her name there. He/she seems to be convinced that its some virus which is causing the drives, folder and My computer to open on single click. To me it seems like its just a setting of Windows XP which lets to change the preference of opening folders etc. on single click rather than a double click.


In this article I will show you how you can use the same setting to change the preference, this might solve the reader’s problem if it is what I suspect.

This is usually how it looks if your settings is turned to open files and folders on single click.


To change this setting to default setting where files and folders open on double click, you need to change the same using the Folder options.

Open My Computer, click on Tools > Folder Options…


Now on the folder options window, under the section “Click Items as follows” section, select the option which says “Double-click to open an item(single click to select)” and press OK button.


After you select this option you will see that the underline from the files and folders will disappear and the files and folders will not open on double click.


If the drive does not open on double click. see this tutorial – Drive Not Opening On Double Click


  1. Hi, i have a similar problem. It makes me think that i have a virus in my computer. This is because even after i change the folder options to double click and apply it, the folders and files still open after a single click!

  2. It is definitely a program that somehow installs onto the hard drive. Once it acts like it starts to install, I refused to touch the keys on the square. I pressed ctrl/alt/delete to access my task manager to end the program, rather than click on any of the keys.

    I then noticed it as a program in my start up programs. I went to add/uninstall program in the control panel and erased it.

    It does not show up as a virus if Norton is already installed. When I worked with a Norton technical support person, it did not show up, so it may be gone.

    I hope this helps anyone else who experiences this situation. I await a response from the person who wrote the program, if legit, to explain, why we cannot abort the program, since there is no ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner to stop the installation. It was an annoying experience.

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