Filter Emails In Microsoft Outlook To Different Folders

Is your outlook email inbox a clutter of emails with important ones surrounded by lots of unimportant emails ?

If your answer to this question is yes, then you must read this small tutorial which will hugely increase your productivity by separating the important emails from the not-so-important-emails. In this small tutorial I will explain how you can create rules in your Microsoft Outlook in under one minute to filter your emails.

MS Outlook 2010

The filter options in Microsoft outlook is very easy to configure on the basis of who is sending the email or whom it is meant for, or on basis of a particular word in the subject line. For example, you can filter emails from your boss in a different folder and from your friends in a separate folder. Having emails in different folders lets you read the important folders first so that you don’t miss out on something urgent.

To set up email filtering rules, I will demonstrate by separating the emails from Apple which I get from time to time when they send out important information. I will filter them to collect in a different folder called “Apple News”. Just follow these three simple steps :

1. Right click on the email you like to filter. Click Rules > Create Rule…


2. This is an important step, here you decide what criteria you want to filter your messages. The first checkbox says “From Apple”, Second Checkbox allows you to filter on basis on a word in subject, third checkbox allows to filter on the basis of whom this email was sent to. I have selected in this demonstration, the first and third option. You can use the second one also if you want to filter on basis of some word in the subject line of email.


3. After selecting the criteria from the first three check-boxes, now you need to tell which folder you want to move these messages to. Check the checkbox which says “Move the item to the folder:”, checking this box will show you some folders which are already there in your MS Outlook. If you want to choose some existing folder, click it and press Ok. If you want to create a new one, click New, type an appropriate name which you would like and click OK.


This is it, now on, the emails you selected using the rule, will directly go into the folder which you selected in the same rule. This will greatly clean you your clutter by separating the important emails from the unimportant ones. You will see this Success message after your create the rule.


If you want the rule to be run on all your emails in the inbox, you can check the above checkbox which says “Run this rule now on messages already in the current folder”, although this step is optional, you may use it if you need to.

Hope you find this tutorial simple and easy to follow. Check out more Microsoft Office Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.


  1. Thank you so much! This tutorial was exactly what I needed and it was easy to follow as well.

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