Find .Net Frameworks Version Installed On Your PC

There can be a requirement when a particular program which you want to install or run on your computer requires a particular version of framework and you may or may not have that framework version installed. In such case you would like to check that whether that framework is already installed so that you can save your time and internet bandwidth as both would get wasted if you already have that software installed on your machine.


There are many small programs which finds out, one of them we had reviewed earlier called Detect DotNet, We have also written a tutorial to find out whether an application which requires some .net version pre installed will run on your computer.

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Some other quick and easy to use applications which lets you find out the version of .net frameworks already installed are discussed below.


.Net Framework Version Checker – It shows details of all the versions and service packs of .NET frameworks installed on your machine. Give .Net Framework Version Checker a try to see just how useful it can be for you.

Net Framework Version Checker

Download .Net Framework Version Checker

Framework Detector – It can easily detect the installed versions of .NET on your machine, it also links directly to the location from where you can download the framework. Also links directly to where the frameworks can be found to download and installed, Now .NET 4.0 is also supported.

Framework Detector

Download Framework Detector

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