Find Out Detail Info About Current Desktop Wallpaper

Earlier we have reviewed about many new and cool themes like the autumn and lighting themes, Harvest time and cloud themes and more for windows 7 users. The different varieties of themes available helps you to choose your kind of theme which suits you. And, sometimes we just choose any random theme to give our desktop a different look from our style.

The different themes provide various unique and cool backgrounds for your desktop to give it a nice look which makes me wonder sometimes that how and where this background picture was taken?

This is one of the question which definitely arises in our minds whenever we see any new and amazing picture as the wallpaper of anyone’s desktop. But many of us never ask it to others because we know that they will also have no answer to it.

But recently my friend asked me this question by seeing at my wallpaper of cloud theme. He was so mesmerized by the different patterns captured in the picture that he could not stop himself asking it out to me. So, today, i will tell all of you that you can actually get to know where these amazing pictures of your themes background are taken.

For this, you have to follow these simple steps:

1. Open Personalization by right-clicking the desktop and choosing Personalize from the menu.

2. Click the theme that you want to get more information about.

3. Click Desktop Background.

4. Hover with your mouse pointer over the image to see a tooltip containing summary information about that image. The last line of the summary shows the title, which often includes location information just like this.


5. For getting more information, select the image you want to know about, right-click on it, and choose Properties which will open a new window.


6. Open the Details tab. Here, to see the full contents of any of the fields on this tab, hover over it with your mouse pointer and you will get to know about it.


This way you can now know where the picture is taken. But there is one problem with this. You can not see the information for all the themes because every theme does not have this information contained in it. It depends on the theme creator whether he/she wants to add this information or not.

So, if the theme will have the information then, you can see it and otherwise not. Now, next time you see any cool desktop background, do not forget to have a look where this picture was taken. Have a nice day…!!! 🙂


  1. I want to get current desktop wallpaper info.programatically(in c#, but its ok in any language, i wil try to convert it in c#)

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