Find Out Email Id to which Email is Sent

There are times when you may get an email but you look at the email id where this email was sent as you might be sure that you haven’t shared an email id with anyone. Now in such cases you may just open the section under sent to most of time you will see the email id to which email is sent but some times when you try to see the, it might be blank in some cases.


In such cases when you see a blank section in the to email address section, you may wonder how would you get to know the email id as in some case it may not be the same email id in which you have got this email but rather the email has been forwarded to your email from other email id. For this you will need to check the email headers, each email service including yahoo, gmail and hotmail allows you to check the email headers of any email you received, we are going to take gmail in this example.

In case of gmail, you need to select original in the email options as shown in the image below.


Once you select this option, you will see the information load up in a new tab where you will be able to see the email id where the email is actually sent and then how its forwarded.


As you can see in the image above, the email id where I received this email but the to section was blank as the email was forwarded to the id from a SMTP server rather then being sent to my email id directly. This is how you can find the to email id when its blank and through email headers you can also find the sent email id as well this way as you go through the information.


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