Find Pages On Your Websites And External Websites Creating 404 Error Pages– Webmasters Tip

If you own or run a website, you might be looking at its maintenance and managing the pages on the website. As a webmaster, we take care of our websites by periodically monitoring what is causing 404 errors on the website. Basically, 404 or Page not found errors are generated when a page on your website is linked incorrectly, it may be a typing error in the URL, or simply a link pointing to a page on your website which does not exists. In this article, I share a simple way to finding out what all 404 page errors are appearing on your website in Google’s index and how to get rid of such errors.

Now to know what all pages are getting 404 errors, we recommend that you use Google’s Webmasters Tools and add your website there. If it’s a new website, it may take a week or two for Google to completely crawl the pages and show you such error reports. If you are already using the Webmasters tool, half the job is done.

Now simply open the webmasters tools and select the website if you have more than one form the list on your webmaster account. Click on the Dashboard link and you will see Crawl Errors section there, click on it.

Webmaster Tools

This will open the Site errors page. Here click on the Not found errors which are basically 404 errors.

Page Not Found Error

Here you will see all the pages which are linked at your website and are creating 404 not found error pages. Click on these one by one to check where are these links placed.

404 Error Link

When you click on any of the 404 error link, it will open another description window with some tabs, click on the Linked  from tab and you will see where or on which page this link is placed.

10-18-2012 05-04-40 PM

Now there can be two scenarios – The page which links to wrong URL on your website is placed on your own website or in other case it is placed on some external website. In the first case, when it is a link from within your website, simply edit the page to correct or remove the link.

In case of an external link, you can contact the webmaster of the other linking website requesting them to correct the link. You can also use a useful wordpress plugin called Broken link checker if your website is based on wordpress CMS. Hope you find the above tip useful.

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