[Solved] How To Find Compatible RAM Memory For Laptop, Desktop PC

Most of us don’t consider adding more RAM memory while purchasing computers and other devices, but after some years of using our PC, laptops and macbooks we realize that’s it high time now we should go for an upgrade in Physical RAM memory on our computers. For those who don’t know what RAM is Random Access Memory which is a form of computer data storage, it is a physical memory chip which goes inside a slot in your computer, laptop motherboard and provides fast memory to your computer processor to store data and perform task faster it looks like as shown in the image below.

Upgrade RAM on Laptop or PC

Upgrading RAM ?

Unfortunately upgrading RAM memory is not like installing new operating system like windows, but still its not too difficult once you do things in right way. Installing a new ram is really easy but it will will work with your computer is a question in itself which you need to make sure that you get the answer, as an incompatible means firstly it may now fit into your computer motherboard slot or if it fits and runs on a frequency which is not supported by your motherboard than it will result in decreased life of the new RAM memory.

Things To Take Care While Upgrading RAM Memory

Is your Older RAM DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 memory

First you need to find out which technology RAM is already inside your computer, is it a DDR SD RAM, there are different generations of RAM like DDR, DDR2, or DDR3 memory till now, and all these different technology RAMs are slightly different in build so that means that if your computer motherboard supports DDR2 it wont support adding a DDR3 as it wont fit into the slot on motherboard. Same way round for DDR and DDR3 motherboards.

In order to find the RAM type already in your computer you can download the CPUZ [ free tool ] it will show you the memory type under the memory tab once you install and run it on your computer as you can see in the image below.

CPU Z RAM Information

Another similar software that will help you find the Type of RAM installed on your computer is called System Information for Windows [ Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the free home edition of this tool ]. To know the memory select the memory section in the software left pane as shown in the image below.

RAM Memory Information

As you can see in the image above, it will show you the RAM Memory type and Speed which is in Mega Hertz.

Speed of RAM Memory in Mega Hertz Does Your Motherboard Support It?

Another most important thing to consider while upgrading the memory is to find out the frequency speed of the current installed memory on your computer, through both of the tools mentioned above you can find this information. It will be either listed as DRAM Frequency or Speed and both on Mega Hertz.  As you can see in the snapshots above, the speed is 533 Mhz this means that I can upgrade to any DDR3 RAM memory upto 533 Mhz.

Using both of information including Type of RAM and Speed in MHz you will be able to decide the correct memory upgrade. But if you want to know that if your computer motherboard supports higher speed RAM than the existing so that it performs faster, you can use the free Crucial online scanner tool which comes for both windows and Mac OS and will tell you which new type of RAM and upto what frequency you can upgrade on your existing computer.

Please Note: You will need to download the tool from the website to run it on your computer.

Crucial System Scanner automatically analyzes your computer memory information and suggests an upgrade that’s guaranteed compatible. Once downloaded and you will need to launch the scanner executable and it will open a new internet browser tab to show you the possible guaranteed compatible RAM upgrade as shown in the image below. [ It may take some time around 2-3 minutes to complete ]

Compatible RAM Upgrades

You can also use Kingston online tool to find the right RAM memory using the online tool on their website, its called Kingston Right Memory Finder tool – you will need to select the manufacturer, series of your laptop or desktop and then the model as shown in the image below.

Compatible RAM Upgrade Finder Tool

You can also try the advanced RAM memory search section on the Kingston website, if the above tools does not help you find the Right RAM for your computer.  I hope this article helped you with your queries on how to upgrade your RAM, you can read out related guides on [HOW TO] Upgrade Macbook RAM and Universal guide on Things To Take Care While Upgrading RAM Memory

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