[Solved] Desktop Automatic Refresh Stopped For Icons, Recycle Bin & Text [Windows]

In our PC’s and Laptops the desktop and the Windows Explorer gets refreshed automatically whether we do it automatically or not but some windows computers does not auto refresh the desktop icons, text and recycle bin status, so today we will tell you how to repair desktop automatic refresh stopped. But still we are always provided with a refresh option in Windows context menu to refresh the Desktop and Windows Explorer manually whenever we want. The refresh option for our computers and laptop’s is engineered in such a way that whenever we will change the contents in any of the windows in the operating system or in the desktop like creating a new shortcut, creating a new file, creating a new folder, renaming an already created file or folder, copying, pasting and deleting files as well as directories the new content will get refreshed by itself.


When you will right click on the desktop or in any of the windows in the Windows Explorer the above context menu will open which will help you to perform the manual refresh for your system whenever you want.


Now in order to solve this issue of automatic refresh not working issue for your Desktop and Laptop you will have to open your registry. Those of you who have opened I know you know inside out about computers. For the ones like me I will tell you how to open registry. First click on the start button and then in the search textbox type regedit and press enter key and the above window will open . In the above window go to the File option in the Toolbar. When you will click on the file option in the tool option you will see an option Export. Using this option take a backup of your registry so that if something goes wrong it could be fixed using the import option in the same File menu by importing the same registry that we exported before using the Export option.


Now navigate to this path in your registry HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID. After navigating to this path search for dontrefresh keyword and check whether in the Find window. The Keys, Values and Data checkboxes are checked. Now when in the appropriate key that has been found navigate to the INSTANCES. This key contains three sub keys and one of them is dontRefresh. Now check the value for this sub key whether it is 0 or 1. If it is 1 that means it is turned ON then change it 0 i.e. Turned OFF. You can also refer to this KB823291 from Microsoft for more queries.


  1. The problem I am facing are as follows:

    – My Win Xp which would boot in about 90 sec, now takes over 5 min.
    – The Start –> Help does not work, though Help files exist.
    – MSConfig does not work, though the same files exists.

    Is this an issue with the registry? In any case, I would appreciate if you provided me with a solution.


  2. I have the same problem about the auto refresh. And your solution above was proven helpful. Thanks 🙂

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