Fix Error Cannot Initialize 3D Output While Launching Games


While I tried to launch NFS carbon after installation from my new laptop, I got this error saying “Cannot Initialize 3D output / Cannot find 3dxxxx.dll” etc.


I have got an Nvidia graphics card in my laptop, so after a bit of looking at my video and graphics card drivers, i figured out that its some king of missing software component that is causing this problem. In this post I will share possible reasons and the solution with you.


There can be more than one reasons for the problem, lets see all I know:

Correct DirectX Driver Installation

Ensure that you have correct version of DirectX installed that is supported by your graphics card. In my case, as the laptop was new, DirectX was altogether missing, that was casing errors while loading the game. It may also be the case that the driver is outdated or has got corrupt, in such a case, first un-install DirectX completely and then download and install the latest version of DirectX.

Correct Graphics Card Driver

Graphics card drivers are frequently updated with the release of new games to support the latest features of the games. So go to manufacturer’s web-site and compare the drivers version with the one installed on your computer. For help, see this link. Download and install the latest version of drivers for your graphics card.

Correct Configuration and Settings

The graphics cards which you install, provide you with an option to enable or disable many features.It might have happened that some software or application has changed these settings or options, like 3D performance and support, check them out. For example the one in the window below for my Nvidia graphics card.


Game Support and Specifications

Also check that the game you are trying to launch can be played with the hardware configuration of your computer.

We hope the information provided will help you solve the problem.


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