Fix iTunes Error 1015

If you have been playing around with your iPhone and have tried to downgrade it from iPhone OS 4 to 3.1.3 or trying to install some custom firmware on it with help of some tool, you might get stuck with a typical iTunes error –

iTunes Error 1015


In this post, I will share a simple tool which can fix this iTunes 1015 Error on your Windows PC. The tool is called as Error 1015 Fixer.

To use this tool, you need to install LibUSB which allows this tool to work properly. So to use this tool, simply follow the steps given below :


Step 1 : Download and Install correct version (32 bit / 64 bit) of LibUSB here.

Step 2 : Download and Run Error 1015 Fixer Tool here [alternative link – here].

Step 3 : Run iTunes and when you get the error, click the button on the Error 1015 Fixer Tool which says “Fix My Error

That is it, this toll will fix the iTunes Error 1015.

Source – Gadgets DNA


  1. @Rohit Plz can u upload the file once again as it has been deleted from rapidshare as well..else U can email it to me..I am desperately in need of it

  2. guys not been able to install LibUSB, pls help…
    they are all unknow files….

  3. i need some help please. How can i install LibUSB in windows 7? thank you very much.

  4. i dont understand , i have libusb instralled with error 1015 fixer. When i do to downgrade it goes through and the error pops up. I click on the error fixer and nothung happens. it says its done and u can close but the error is still there and my ipad is still in recovery mode, i tried recboot it doesnt come out, tinyumbrella says there is no device so it cant kick it out of recovery mode. Please help i dont know what else i can do to get my ipad back

  5. Had same prob for days, ran blackra1n which left iPhone with a dim screen. after tht I ran iREB! It freakn wrkd!!!! go figure…. (wasnt jailbroken with blackra1n to begin with, was just deserate)

  6. in step 1 we install libusb after this we itunes can’t detect the i phone device what to do in this case?

  7. I downloaded both items and it says error 1015 fixer cannot work without the other file but i have that one as well and it is still not working for me

  8. i have Error 1015 problem on my iphone and now it’s stock on the recovery mode, how can i fix this? Please help!

  9. hey my iphone is not working after i accidently erased all contents and setings in stettings and when i try to restore it it with itunes it show me error 1015 wil it work

  10. my iphone is stuck in recovery mode and after the 15 minutes when its almost done restoring, the error pops up….and now….idk wat to do. this isnt working…..

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