[Fix] Microsoft Windows Media Player Does Not Play AVI / MKV- Error Codes 8004022F, 80040265 etc.

If you have started using your Windows PC without installing any third party software to play videos for you, there are high chances that you will run into errors while playing video files which are downloaded from the Internet or shared with you through pen drives or external hard disk drives. The reasons I say so is that one of the most popular and emerging formats in video these days are avi and mkv which are used on the Internet because of their high compression. It makes the size of video files smaller and easy to transfer via Internet, USB thumb or pen drives and external hard disks.


But too much compression or different formats don’t go down too well with in-built Windows Media player in the Windows computer. Typical errors which you get when you try to play such files include:

  • Invalid File Format Error=8004022F
  • Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported. Error=80040265
  • Cannot play back the video stream: no suitable decompressor could be found. Error=80040255
  • No combination of filters could be found to render the stream. Error=80040218
  • The source filter for this file could not be loaded. Error=80040241
  • Windows Media Player cannot open filename. You may need to reboot to complete installation of a downloaded component. Please verify that the path and filename are correct and try again. Error=80004005
  • One or more codecs required to open this content could not be found. Error=C00D10D1
  • Video not available, cannot find ‘VIDS:xxxx’ decompressor.
  • Unable to download an appropriate decompressor Error=80040200

As per the official Microsoft support pages such error is because of the reason that the files are too compressed for Media player to decode. To decode such files, media player needs to install extra codecs.


To solve this problem, you have two alternatives:

  1. Install codecs in Windows Media player to run the compressed AVI / MKV Files.
  2. Install third party players like VLC to play all kind of media

In case you are a fan of Windows Media player and Media center and you would like your videos to play with the media player properly, you can download the missing codecs and install on your Windows PC. Microsoft support page suggest FourCC to download the missing audio and video codecs, however you can also use some popular codec packs like Kaza mega codec pack etc.

In case you don’t have any problem using a third party software, VLC media player is an all rounder which plays all popular formats without throwing any tantrums and is quite fast and easy to use as well.

If you are looking for specifically Windows 8, here is our detailed tutorial on – Video Not Playing In Windows 8 Media Player. For further troubleshooting, check out – Certain Videos Are Not Playing In Windows Media Player.

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