Fix remote desktop connection error "The connection was ended because of network error"


One of our reader Rameshwar reported us a problem regarding remote desktop connection on windows XP. When he tries to connect to a specific machine on LAN, rather than getting connected Windows xp gives the following remote desktop connection error – “The connection was ended because of network error”

Let’s see how can we fix this remote desktop connection error.


The main cause behind this problems is some problem in the registry entries at the following path:

Follow the procedure below to fix it.

1. Open Start >> Run and type regedit and press enter.

2. Navigate to the following path:


3. Now delete registry keys named Certificate, X500 Certificate and X509 Certificate ID values. (These keys will get auto generated after system restart with system default values, which is actually needed)

4. Exit Registry editor and restart your computer.

5. Try to establish a remote desktop connection by typing mstsc at Run Prompt.

Note: Always back up the registry before making any changes that may damage your system configuration.


  1. Awesome. This fix worked perfect when I received this error on a box. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this solution, i was pulling my hair out trying to work this out. Fantastic.

  3. Thanks, this saved me after two days of searching fro solutions. Well done!!

  4. it’s work. i just delete certificate key, and it’s work. thank u.

  5. It worked like a charm. Nice article dude.
    Thanks, you saved me a lot of time at work.

  6. Perfect, this fix worked on a fresh Windows 2003 Server, created from a template to run virtual in vmware esx 3.5

  7. I connected an Epson Artisan 810 (all in one) printer to my home network; a desktop (Win7) a laptop (Win 7) another laptop,(XP) and a netbook (Win 7 starter). After installing Epson software with new Windows 7 drivers, every device printed. However, after some time, perhaps 20 – 30 minutes, most devices will not print. It appears that the router, Buffalo WZRZ-G300N “sleeps” and when it does, no one prints except the desktop. The printer is connected to the router. I first tried printer completely wireless and that didn’t work. Any ideas?


  8. I was pulling out my hair as well after viewing the fix to resolve our RDP connection it worked so thank you so much for your help really, really appreciated

  9. This worked great man!!
    Initially our machine was not showing any msg, but would show the blurred login screen only after I entered the login name and pass. But after trying to fix this issue for 5-6 hours we got the following msg the next day :
    “The connection was ended because of network error”
    Which led us to this article and then things got working 🙂


  10. Thanks a lot i was working in this issue for 5 hours after that i fixed this issue through your solution.

  11. This solved my problem, i googled the error message and found this website and the instructions given fixed my problem.
    Thanks a lot for sharing and helping.

  12. thanks for the resolution.. this not only fixed my rdp issue but also the prolonged “running startups scripts” issues during server boot

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