Fix Virtual Memory too low Warning Trouble in win xp and vista

Problem: When there is less physical memory than needed, then some virtual memory (virtual RAM) is created on the disk. When there is a limit set to the size of virtual memory usage and there is not enough of it present there is a warning that frequently comes “Virtual Memory too low”.

Solution 1 (short): This problem occurs when physical RAM + Virtual RAM (usually created on hard disk) together are not sufficient to take care of the currently needed RAM size, or this situation is about to arise. This usually happens when some fixed upper limit for Virtual Memory has been set. To solve this problem, you can either upgrade you physical RAM on your computer (recommended), or you can set the Virtual Memory to system managed size or you can do both. Setting Virtual Memory to system managed size means windows will set it to higher size whenever needed automatically,for this,

Right click on My computer > goto properties, goto advanced tab, click on performance settings, now click on advanced, now click on advanced, now click on change button for Virtual memory.

On this screen select the System managed size, press OK. After this re-start your computer. This will solve the virtual memory too low problem.

Solution 2(detailed): Recommended solution is to upgrade your physical memory (RAM) according to requirements of the kind of applications that you run on your computer. If you upgrade RAM or not, the following procedure will help prevent this warning by increasing the virtual memory limit.

  1. Right click on My computer icon and click properties.
  2. This will show system properties window. Click on a advanced tab and click on the settings button under heading performance.
  3. This will open performance options window. Click on advanced tab and click on change button under heading virtual memory.
  4. Check if the space available is set to some custom value or double the RAM size ?
  5. If it is not double the RAM memory size , then select the size option set the virtual memory size double the RAM Size and press set button and press OK button.
  6. Restart the computer and the Trouble is Fixed.


  1. I have a 8 core macpro workstation with 16GB RAM, running Mac OS leopard and Windows XP 64 bit SP2. It is kind of hilariouse to see the warning message virtual memory too low after having so much of RAM. Why is this ??

  2. Tyvm. This really helped. I DO need to install more RAM but, until then this was an easy temporary fix. Thanks for the advice. : )

  3. ok iL try this now . . .
    hope this one will work . . .
    its really annoying to see such warning wherein we know our computer’s fast!
    i thought i really need to buy a HARD DISK with a lot bigger memory
    coz i observed virtual memory is getting space from C drive . . .

    i think this will solve my problem . . . soon!

  4. nice one friend. this article really help. i have the same problem too

  5. Wow, thanks so much. Your advice really works perfect for me. My “slow running ” problem is gone. All the best, thank you again, Liz

  6. my pc ram size 1GB plz tell me set the virtual memory min ?, max ?
    daily msg. for virtual memory low problem not solve

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