Fix volume control icon not visible in task-bar

Some time it happens that you want to change the volume from the task-bar and the volume control button is not there.

No need to worry, this is a simple trouble to fix.

This problem can be fixed in 4 easy steps

1. Open control panel
2. Open Sound and audio devices
3. Check the Place volume icon in taskbar ( if it is already checked, un-check and check once)
4. Click on Apply and then Ok button.
5. That’s it Trouble Fixed.


  1. This absolutely worked. Keep in mind that on most, if not all Windows updates things like this will be reset to default (sound not showing on system tray) so you will likely have to do this periodically. Thanks MS.

  2. Two problems. One: I have Vista and my control does not have a “sound and audio devices” option, only a “sound” or “hardware and sound” option. Thus, I cannot find this check box.

    The second problem I have is that the volume control check box under Taskbar and Start Menu Properties is grayed out. I cannot check or uncheck this box, and on my task bar there is an empty space rather than a volume icon.

    Please help!

  3. The above solution is a temporary rig and must be redone after each reboot.

    To FIX it you must have igfxtray.exe running as a task.
    Make sure it is in your startup.

    You can try it first by clicking START and run igfxtray.exe

    But to fix it permanently without having to re-click the “show on taskbar” under volume over and over and over again this task has to be in your startup.

    S Adrian

  4. I am using HP and there is no volume control in the taskbar. I followed the steps mentioned above but when i checked it, it poped up a message saying that :windows can not display volume control on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. to install it, use add/remove program in control panel.

    I went there but i dont know how to install volume control program. I cant find it.

    Please help!

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