[Solved] Your Youtube Video Settings Could Not Be Saved During or After Upload Finished

If you run a youtube channel or upload videos on youtube just for fun on a regular basis you might have faced the following error during or after upload is finished for a video, this error mainly happens when you are trying to upload multiple videos to youtube.


You will see the error saying – Your “video settings could not be saved: invalid request” for youtube uploaders this is some thing which means I have to enter all the information of the video like title, description and other things like videos tags etc but if you are uploading a single video and you saw this error, then best way to save everything is copy the title, description and other information in a separate file and then let the video upload and later edit the same video once upload finished and enter the information.

Why Youtube Video Settings Does Not Get Saved?

One reason behind this could be due the breakage in the internet connection and another reason could be due to the switching of google or youtube account during upload on the same computer where you are doing the upload for the videos.

Fix or Edit Youtube Video Settings Like Title, Description Etc

If you have seen this error for some or all videos while uploading, then I recommend that you finish all the videos upload and once upload is finished you will need to log out of the youtube account and open google chrome incognito mode or launch the same browser you are using but a new session this time after closing all the tabs and current browser session.

Once you re login to your youtube account, you can edit the video by navigating to video manager and then select the video for which settings could not be saved earlier.


Note: If you don’t know about video manager in youtube, you can simply load the same video and re enter the settings you had saved in a different file now, all the settings and new changes should get saved easily.

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