[ Fixed ] Disable Function Dell Media Direct Button | Set Dell Media Direct Button To Open Windows Media Player


Recently we got a mail form one of our reader who has recently purchased a dell laptop and every time he starts his computer dell media player called dell media direct runs automatically.


Some of the other dell laptop users a has a similar but quite a different problem with dell media redirect button on their dell laptop as many times they accidently press this dell media direct button and dell media direct starts running.


Some of the users may want to configure the dell media direct physical button to open WMP or Media Center rather than the slow dell media direct which has such a bad interface to play media. It could also happen when you may insert a CD/DVD and dell media player runs automatically


Let’s discuss how can you disable dell media direct in windows startup or change the function of dell media direct button on your dell laptop.


Stop Dell Media Direct Autorun With CD/DVD and Disable To Load Dell Media Direct In Startup

In order to disable dell media direct this way, you will need to remove dell media direct from windows start up so that it should load when you start windows.


You can remove dell media direct from system startup either with msconfig or with autoruns utility, find dell media direct entries and uncheck them.


Change The Function Of Dell Media Direct Button

In case you want to open windows media player or media center follow the procedure given below. You just need to add the standalone exe MCHK.exe to your system startup and then when you press Dell Media Direct button it will open media center [ Make sure that dell quick set is not running ] Add this executable to startup so that each time media center loads when you click dell media direct button on dell laptop.

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