[ Fixed ] – Generic Host Process For Win32 Services Encountered A Problem and needs to close – Svchost.exe Error


We receive numerous emails from readers getting Windows Error Saying:

Generic Host Process For Win32 Services encountered a problem and needs to close

This error is mostly encountered with Windows XP. Generic Host Process Error causes certain applications like Internet Explorer crash, this is really annoying when some important application crashes.


In this article we will share how to Fix Generic Host Process Error in Windows.


Windows Generic Host Error Removal Tool By TroubleFixers

We have created a Windows Batch Script to modify the registry values to Disable NetBIOS and DCOM keys which cause this error.

Download Generic Host Removal Tool, double click on this file after download, this will change the required Registry Vales to fix Generic Host Error. It will show a message like below on success:


Your Antivirus Program may detect this removal tool as a potential threat, Ignore the warning in such case.

NOTE: This tool is free for personal use and re-distribution with proper credit to the source ( www.troublefixers.com ) in form of a link to the source.

In case you find any problem due to the changes made by above script, you can undo these changes and revert the registry values to its original vales by using the Undo Script Here.

Updated 8th May 2010

The Generic host problem has been happening because of a Windows Error. For the same we suggested a fix by running the tool above. This tool may case problems with LAN access to other computers in a LAN kind of network environment. We regret the inconvenience occurred to you because of this LAN Access Problem. If you are facing such problem, please follow the below two steps to fix the issue :

1. Remove the previous fix you did by the “Generic Host Error Removal Tool” by using this undo script.

2. Install this Hotfix From Microsoft For Generic Host Problem Page.

After installing the HotFix, restart your computer. The Generic host problem will be solved and LAN access to the Network computers will also be restored.


  1. This really works
    However by running the tool or changing the registry manually, you will face the issue with connecting to your networked computer.
    This solution works wonder for the stand alone computers.
    In networked computer you will not get the generic host error however you will not be able to print to the networked printer and share files.

  2. Its A Great Tool ya.
    i am really happy with trouble fixers creaters.
    thanks to all

  3. thnx for the file , i work in a cybercaffe , i get this error already everyday , downloaded this file and hope it’s gonna help me , cuz everytime i get this error , my clients PC-s sound goes off , my sharing folder which is with movies and songs stops , n network works slowly :S would like to ask Arun if he can help me cuz ur sayin that in networked computers this file wont do the job , do u know how to resolve this problem ?

    thnx in advance , Burim , Kosovo

  4. Windows Generic Host Error Removal Tool By TroubleFixers


    Excellent and thankyou

  5. Hi Friend Thank u very very much fantastic job this tool really work. I am enjoying internet without any disconnect. Thnx dude u solve my big problem. Thx once again

  6. Woh…

    It is Fantastic,
    I was extremely tired of this error on my laptop. I was not able to connect my USB Net card and work on net. It immediately shows this generic error when I connect the Net card and it stops most of the services and needs to restart the windows every time.

    Finally I got this “Download Generic Host Removal Tool” which worked very well.

    I am really thankful for this wonderful tool.




    However by running the tool or changing the registry manually, you will face the issue with connecting to your networked computer.
    This solution works wonder for the stand alone computers.
    In networked computer you will not get the generic host error however you will not be able to print to the networked printer and share files.

  8. hi,can this solution really work for Windows Server 2003 machines?I have this error is a lot of my windows server 2003 which are also in the network?Can you please help?


  9. Thanx , m tryin dis lets c if dis works.
    I hope.
    If it works den thanx a lot.

  10. Hey. I have this problem for a week now so I decided to try this.

    But the message I got was:

    Generic Host Removal Tool By TroubleFixers

    Error: Access is denied.

    The operations is completed successfully
    Visit http://Www.troublefixers.com for more help
    Problem Fixed, Press any key to continue
    Press any key to continue …

    I hope you would reply soon.



    Its Is Really beneficial for STAND ALONE Computers…

    But What Do where networked computers….when we use this tool it solve the error problem but after some time it effects on CLIENT machine ….After this MASTER is not shard in CLIEnt…

    So How to Solve this very critical condition…!!!

    Pls Rpl as soon as Possible…


  12. I downloaded the file and it worked great. but i am using a lan and connected to a network.

    the file work great but then i could no longer excess the entertainment area where the cable provider puts songs and entertainment stuff.

    so then downloaded the undo and the entertainment worked again
    and the error yes returned

    is there a solution when we install the file keep the entertainment area or in technical terms stay connected to the network.

    i will really appreciate a answer for a long irritating problem

  13. Downloaded the file, ran it, no message appeared. Did not work. Ran the Undo Script.

  14. my pen drive doesnot detect and it becomes hot till it is connected to my system…..
    please send its solution to fix it .

  15. Stand alone system is ok, But i m using networked workgroup system is helpless.

    So, Please help me.

  16. Yes friend i want to use it in Network and i m getting a lot of disturbance through this generic host error. please try to sort the out the problm in network also…

    Thanks in Advance…

  17. i got Windows32 Generic Host Error. . i was was unable to surfing. then i find Removal Tool By TroubleFixers. And with in fraction of seconds my problem was removed.

    thanks team

  18. IT worked for me…thanx dude….
    but after that online video streaming became very slow…
    so can u help me with a solution for that…
    and also what is the “UNDO” software for that generic host fixer???

  19. thanx dude…it worked well for me…but after i did that my online video streaming became very slow…
    help me with a solution for this…and what is the undo command r software for this generic host fixer????

  20. hi guy,
    I want to install O.S. Server 2003 on my PC. I have installed OS. BUT now I want to make a domain on same windows. and run AD ON same OS AND PC. SO PLS give me the exactly path or method by which I can make domain and AD. I am waiting for u?

  21. thanks for u hpoeful sugeestion
    ans trying to that one its realy working needful .
    thanks for helppppppp


  22. I have installed OS. BUT now I want to make a domain on same windows. and run AD ON same OS AND PC. SO PLS give me the exactly path or method by which I can make domain and AD. I am waiting for u?

  23. I fix the problem only with Generic Host Removal Tool, but the network with another computers stop working. The “Updated 8th May 2010” doesn’t work for me, because when i try to install the Hotfix From Microsoft For Generic Host Problem Page the system tolds me “You already use Service Pack 3 and you don’t need this fix…”
    With two words: My windows is with SP3, but i still have a Generic Host Error, i can fix it with Generic Host Removal Tool, but then i lose my connections with another computers.
    HELP please!!!!!

  24. my computer network not working properly my network place in view workgroup computer is not show. and again windows xp sp2 repair so view workgroup computer is show why this problum plz solb my problum

  25. you are the only one that create an easy way and useful to make it properly!

  26. yeah it really works in a standalone computer, we’re on network and unable to connect or browse a network.

    pls help

  27. hellloo sir… i m having d same prblm….and it is not solved even by this tool…… now wat should i do.. pls suggest

  28. Its A Great Tool ya.
    i am really happy with trouble fixers creaters.

  29. after i use the removal tool the problem is fix,but problem is cannot login to the network place sharing folder

  30. Hi to all

    Best solution for win32 generic host error is 1 ) Install Netprotector Registered version ,(Net protector comes with utility named win32 process, which closes worm ports which leads generic host error..
    or quickheal antivirus with firewall.
    Thanks & Enjoy

  31. Didn’t WORK .
    Why ?
    I tried all METHOD.
    But Still showing when I start the PC.

  32. yes its working goooooooooooooooooooooood thank you so much…………..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Doesn’t work. Nothing works. I’ve tried a half dozen fixes from different websites. None of them work. I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to fix this. My advice? Format and hope that it doesn’t come back.

  34. I have spent too many time to find the solution on many website but the problem is still can not be solved. The message of the Generic Host Error is disappear but the biggest problem for me is that I can not access to the other computer on my LAN and now i have solved it by follow your instruction. Thank you!!!

  35. I have downloaded it and did every step you said to do…..lets see if it works

  36. First of all, I couldn’t tell if my XP is 32 bit or 64 bit but I am guessing it is 32 because I get messages about win32?????? I downloaded both files from Hotfix… for 64 bit and 32 bit.
    Then I couldn’t finish the download because it said, ‘Update/update.exe is not a valid 32 application’
    What should I do? My Avast antivirus keeps showing me the svchost related ‘threat’ according to it. I did a full scan of my computer. I don’t know if I have a virus on my net book…but I know that once I get the ‘Generic host error’ , its like i cannot use my net book anymore. the Internet (Firefox) freezes, and so does anything else.. for example ‘control panel’ etc…. please help me… I don’t know what’s going on with my net book. thanks a lot in advance.

  37. How can you install or download anything when the error occurs right away, and doesn’t let any internet browsers work?

  38. It worked for me. i was suffering from this issue tried many steps but this one is extraordinary just in few seconds my problem is solved.

    Thanks a lot for the support

  39. I was getting the Generic Host for Win 32 Services Message which led to the system freezing and requiring a hard reboot. In addition I was getting redirects to unrelated sales sites whenever I used Google. After a couple of weeks of reading blogs and trying different suggestions I finally found a combination of processes that seems to have worked – all free!.

    First I downloaded and ran TDSSKiller.

    Than I ran the free version of Malwarebytes.

    Then I ran MS Security Essential which is my real time anti – virus protection.

    All three products found and removed viruses. Finally I ran SuperAntiSpyware to remove any other spyware that may have infected my systems. For the last 48 hours I have had no re0ccurence of the problem and the overall performance of my computer is the best is has been in a while. I normally don’t post anywhere but this Generic Host virus is very frustrating and seems to be effecting a lot of people so I am posting a solution that worked for me.

  40. I had the same problem as bobeberb. I’d been trying everything I could find to fix this problem with no luck until I tried His solution. Ran TDSSkiller and rebooted. That stopped the re-directs and possibly the Generic Host error. Ran Malwarebytes. It found 23 Trojans and other malware and fixed them all. I than ran my real time anti-virus(AVG anti-virus). It found nothing. I than ran the SuperAntiSpyware and it found over 800 threats. Thanks bobeberb for posting your solution. Seems to have worked for me also.

  41. I can’t believe I put up with this problem for months, when the fix was so easy!
    Thank you so much guys, for making my life better! Hugs and kisses 🙂

  42. I guess I was too quick to send the above response. It came back. Apparently I still have the problem, I ‘ll have to search other web sites for the solution. Thanks, anyway….

  43. I suffered with this irritating issue for months and trawled through so many websites to find a way to get rid of it…….it drove me mad and nothing worked UNTIL i came across someone suggesting I try Hitman Pro 3.5

    I downloaded the free version and it picked up all sorts of trojan/rootkit malware issues that so many other AV software programs had missed AND more importantly it deleted pr quarantined the bugs meaning that I now, thank god, touch wood have a PC free from this pain in the @ss virus 🙂

    I recommend anyone you has this issue to try Hitman Pro. I promise you I am not someone who works for them……just someone who is happy to pass on the good news and help others feel the relief I feel right now 🙂

  44. I’ve had this problem for 5 weeks now. I’ve tried to ignore it but It messes with my desktop and doesn’t let me access certain things like movie maker or the internet. It aslso removes my audio. I downloaded this and I hope this works and I pray to god that it works 🙂

  45. @ Bobeberb
    Thanks Bobeberb. I followed your process and it worked wonderfully! I haven’t had a problem for over a month. Thanks so much for sharing. That Generic Host Process Error was killing me.

  46. It didn’t work for me, same error is showing again and again. Only thing i got is that i can’t access LAN connection

  47. thanks, my problem is solve but the computer is not connecting with other computer in the network. i cannot share files and folders in my network.
    can you please still tell me what to do

  48. Tried the tool above and still received the error. Tried Hitman Pro and I’m good. Hopefully this is not temporary fix. My problem with the Hot Fixes was that I was on SP3 and each time I tried to download fix it stated that I have a more recent version and there’s no need to download. Hitman seemed to work great!!

  49. Hi,
    I have Sp3 and i Also get the Error message , and the Hotfix is only for Sp2 so it doesn’t work for me,
    can maybe anybody help me with this,.

  50. thnx alt….its working wel…now it cant disconnect my internet connection.

  51. WOW! This really works, thanx! I thought it was too simple.. Love it! Much appreciated

  52. thanks guys,you are the best,was having alot of trouble.i did set my computer server to restart after this error but was always stoping half way the reboot.thanks for the sort out in advance.just installed it today and wanna be sure.

  53. so far so good,am just checking if its gonna work for me.thanks otherwise.

  54. Thank u very much dear. i am very thank full. it works on my laptop. i was getting same error every time i connect my laptop to computer. but now it solved..


  56. I tried this and I am still getting the same problem with that generic host window showing up various times when I turn on my computer and it bothers me that I can’t resolve the problem.

  57. Abhishek Bhatnagar THANKS Thanks Infinite THankzzzzzm Graciasss, Domo Harigato, Muito Obrigado..!!!!! Man, you saved my freekin Comp!!!!! All the BEST 4 YOU… 😀

  58. Man! I cant really thank you. My computer has been freezing lik eevery two minutes and i had to restart it again and so on.. for months.. Now with this tool it works really well, its quick and doesnt freeze anymore. I Simple Love You!!!

  59. hi,i was facing win 32 generic host problem.now i download ur removal file.if its work then this is a great solution becase with this problem i could not continue my internet connection.so thanks again for your valueable help.

  60. tried it but still get the same prob. my connection freeze and need to restart my laptop to connect on internet again. pls. help.thanks.

  61. Thank you so……. much. now i can use my internet without any disconnect.it woaks very well.Thanx.

  62. wax very upset because my evo gives this error ehenever i connect it using this toool if it really worked i will come back saaaaaaaaaay alooooooooooooooooooooooooot thnx 2 u

  63. yeah.. this thing is really annoying!!!!
    lets try it, and pray it would work..


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