[Fixed] Google Chrome Error 138- ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED

Few days back I encountered a weird situation- I was connected to the Internet, but my Google Chrome Browser was not able to open any page. I could open websites on Mozilla Firefox and IE, but whenever I tried to open any website on Google Chrome, I got this error:

Google Chrome Error 138- ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED

Google Chrome Error Code 138

The reason I got really bugged was that Google Chrome is my primary browser and I have all my bookmarks, running sessions and accounts working with Google Chrome, so I had to get it back. I did some search when found out that it was some problem related to firewall of my PC. In this article, I share with you how to fix this error when you are not able to open any website in Google Chrome- Error 138.

Before you start to tweak with the firewall settings, here are some perquisites you must do to ensure that it is not a connectivity problem. First check if you are really connected to Internet on your computer. You can check the same by checking the status of the network icon in system tray. You can also try opening some website with other browser or try using some instant messenger and see if you can login or not. If everything is working fine just except the chrome, then proceed to the following steps, else, try to find why your Internet connection is not working.

Once you are sure that internet connectivity is fine, open the firewall settings. If you have installed an anti-virus with firewall settings or a stand-alone firewall software, you need to open that software. In case you have not installed any external software, you have to go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall. Whichever firewall is active on your PC, just open the same and check the settings for program rules or allowed programs list.

Google Chrome Missing In the List

Under program rules try and locate the entry for Google Chrome. If found, check if it is allowed or blocked. If blocked, then allow it and press OK. In case you don’t find the entry, you need to add it manually. For that, you have to go to the path as below:


Replace the username with the user name with which you are logged into windows. In case windows is not installed on C drive, then also replace the drive letter. At this path you will find file named chrome.exe, simply select that file and add it to allowed programs list.

Select Google Chrome

Google Chrome Add To Filewall Allowed List

Added Google Chrome As Allowed

Just press Apply and OK. This is all, you will now be able to access Internet using Google Chrome.

Google Chrome Starts Working

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