[Fixed] Google Chrome Extensions Not Working or Stopped Functioning

Recently on one of our test windows machine, I noticed that suddenly at a specific time when I was browsing in google chrome, some of the extensions stopped working, to name a few I noticed that I could see ads while the adblock extension was enabled and same way session buddy was not showing the saved sessions.

Restart Google Chrome

This problem is quite strange as it does not happen with most of the google chrome users, but might happen once in while and when it happens then there are different ways to fix this problem. The most simplest solution to google chrome problem is to restart google chrome, and in most of the cases google chrome extensions started working after the restart.

Recommended Google Chrome Fixes

Disable and Enable Extensions Which Has Stopped Working

Another way to fix the problem is by disabling and then enabling the faulty extensions to fix them, this may also prove a right solution to make the extensions to start working again. For this you will need to go to google chrome Settings >> Extensions and then disable and enable the extensions which stopped working.

enable disable google chrome extensions

Update The Google Chrome Extensions To Make Them Work Again

This is another handy solution to fix google chrome extensions, but in this case you will need to have update all the google chrome extensions shown under Settings >> Extensions. Once see all the google chrome extensions listed, click on the check box which says developer mode.

developer mode google chrome

Once developer mode is enabled, you can click the update extensions now button to update and fix the not working google chrome extensions.

update google chrome extensions


This is how you can fix the faulty google chrome extensions which are not working, in case you have other google chrome related issues, you can read our google chrome fixes and tips.  

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