Fixed – HP Laptop Touch Buttons Stop Working


My HP Pavilion laptop’s touch buttons stopped working a few days back. I re-started the laptop and it started working. After a few days, the touch buttons again stopped working. This time, even after restart, they refused to work.


On searching the internet forums I realized that this a common problem with many HP Pavilion laptops of DV4 and DV5 series which have touch buttons. In this post I will share the way in which I solved the problem of Quicktouch touch buttons not working on HP laptop. This solution may work for other brands as well.


There are three things you need to ensure to make the touch buttons work properly, they are:


Touch Buttons Software Is Running


To check whether touch buttons software is running, open the task manager (pressing Ctrl + Shift +Ecs key together). On task manager, check the process named hpkbdapp.exe running on HP laptops. For other brands, look for similar kind of Softwares running at the moment. See the example below:



Look For Updated Drivers Online


Go to Laptop manufacturer’s website to look for updated software drivers. In my case, I looked for updated Drivers of touch buttons online at . Update the drivers to the latest version.



Restart the laptop and hope it works.


When Nothing Works, This Method Works


This is a strange sounding solution but is tested by me and worked well for me and for many others. I got to know this method from this forum (thanks to forum). The method suggests to shutdown the laptop, remove the battery and adaptor. Press power button for 45 seconds with battery removed. Leave the laptop without batter for few minutes, and then insert the battery again and it will start working.I did try this solution and it worked for me.


Many of you might be curious to know why did this solution work? Well, the answer is not that complicated either. The touch buttons work on some sort of sensing of skin touching the surface, and must involve some electric charges to accumulate on the surface of the touch buttons. On removing battery and power, and pressing power button while battery removed, you have discharged the surface of eclectic charge imbalances and it starts working. It will be too much science to discuss beyond this point.


See Also: We have a similar kind of crazy solution for a pen drive malfunction error.


  1. WOW…this really worked! My volume buttons were not blue any more then my mute button started flicking and turning orange then it would turn purple then the other Quick Launch buttons would not work..Since i have found your site and took out the battery and did all the other steps, the volume buttons are not blue again and the mute button is working well. This solution really works. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  2. Sorry, i meant to say, my volume buttons are NOW* blue again! 🙂

  3. It didn’t work for me =(
    I have tried so many things, nothing has worked =(

  4. Wadabonga!!! This work great (remove the battery and the other things). Thanks!

  5. I have been trying to get the touch buttons on my HP HDX dragon to work for a couple of days now. I contacted HP and went through hours of tech support. They had me trying to install old drivers and do things that made no sense. Then I find this about removing the battery and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM. All the buttons now work without any problems. To bad HP doesn’t use these sites.

    Thanks for the help

  6. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Battery removal solved the problem 😀

  7. Thank You very very much,I rang PC World and they said we will have to send it to HP and it would take 3 weeks,then i went on Internet looking to see did orther people have the same problem, that is the Touch Buttons are not working for me it was just the Eject button(weird) so I update the driver and it’s perfect.The link to HP website is on this page,near the top.I have a HP HDX Dragon.Again I Thank You.

  8. Man! I have the HDX Dragon. My blue lights JUST went off a few moments ago and nothing I did to fix the problem worked. So, I started searching the web for a post exactly like the one you put together. I did what you said to do and my big boy’s lights are back in effect. Thanks alot for sharing the knowledge.

  9. Thanks a lot. Battery removal operation worked wonders. I got my touch buttons working again. Really appreciate Abishek for his idea and for explaining the logic behind.
    Thank you once again.

  10. Thanks a lot!!! I contacted hp support, but anything they told me worked, but this simple and effective solution did it. THAAAAAAAAANKS!!! 😀 (sorry 4 the las comment I did´t remenber that this is an english written page hehe)

  11. superb man..u r a life saver…and the way u explained the 3rd step to solve the problem is really nice…most ppl never go for the 3rd step coz of not knowing the idea behind it…but u r the man..keep it up

  12. Normally I dont respond on any of these forums, but this time I really want to say thanks to the autor.
    Third step really works. Dont be sceptic about this, just try and you will see.

  13. So it doesn’t say what to do if there is no process running. I tried updating the drivers (its a brand new laptop) in case that would kick start the process but nothing works. I have windows seven home premium, and it’s an HP dv-7 laptop!

    I havent tried popping out the battery yet since there’s no process 🙁

    I’m going to try it now anyway.

    Anybody know how to restore that process? I did a system restore already.

  14. Thank you very mush pal. That battery trick did work for me. I tried months to solve that problem, even with HP site, but within 1,2 minutes of this trick, all those burdens are over. thanks again

  15. Thanks so much!!! the last battery trick worked it saved a lot of time and frustration thanks again -Safier

  16. You have to remove the elec. plug then the battery the hard way, meaning when the computer is running. It works this way.
    If you turn off the computer, unplug it and remove the battery for a couple of minutes, that does not work (at least for me…).

  17. Hahaha cant believe that worked xD tough when you explained it, it kinda made sense. ty!

  18. I could just hug you, thanks so much the battery trick worked. I was ready to cry!!

  19. Last one worked perfectly at the point when I was on the verge of throwing it out of the window. Thanks!

  20. Thanks A lot….the battery trick worked perfectly on my HP DV7… Thanks Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Removing the battery and pressing the power button for some couple of minutes worked actually!!!
    Thanks for the biggies who found out such a way !! 🙂

  22. Awesome Buddy… How thw hell can ne1 think of solution like this… batter adapter removing Worked Like a Charm and you are the Champ..!! Thanks

  23. Awww, It’s working. Removing Battery and Adapter worked for me. I have reinstalled all keyboard driver and even flash the CMOS but nothing happened.Thanks so much !

  24. Thanks a lot. It is working.
    My Laptop Model : Hp 1319tx DV6
    Even after Full recovery, it was not working. Going through the Battery removal & Power supply disconnection. I followed the above procedure now the buttons are working fine. Yes this is a miracle of Static Electricity.
    You save my lot of R &D, also frustration.
    Thanks again.

  25. My touch button software was not there when I opened my task manager. How do I get hpkbdapp.exe back???

  26. OK, let me just say that I was skeptical at first, but taking out the battery worked! Thanks so much!!

  27. Thanks a ton for the tip! The one about removing the battery and holding down the power button worked like a charm! Saved me a trip to the service center!

  28. thanks for the solution…removing battery worked in my DV6 thanks a lot.

  29. WOW !! thank you so so so much . I thought it was a pretty hopeless condition . But, thanks to u , IT WORKED 😉 . Keep up the gr8 work . And million likes for the explanation .. brilliant!

  30. Removing the battery worked for me too.
    You are a genius!
    Thanks a lot.

  31. I have an HP Dv7t-3000 CTO that has been great until several weeks ago. I have been messing with this problem since then! Based on MULTIPLE forums covering this same issue (HP are you there?) I tried updating software/drivers and the BIOS (already on newest version). I tried using MSCONFIG to see if I might have any conflicting services or startup problems. I went through the registry to make sure I didn’t have problems listed in some forums (I didn’t). I tried pulling the battery, disconnecting power and holding down the power button for minutes. I also pulled the battery, disconnected power and left it sitting overnight. Nothing worked! Finally I read one post that if I could find it again I would give them the credit!! That post, and assuming that the electrostatic thing had to be related given the significant number of successes with other power removal efforts, I pulled the touch panel off my Dv7t-3000CTO (and the keyboard to get to the ribbon cable connector). I pulled and reconnected the ribbon cables, and installed an anti-static shield under the touch sensitive pad (from a hard drive I had bought), put everything back together and powered it up. Voila! All my buttons are back (mute, volume control, wireless on/off, etc.), even my on-screen volume bar is back. What a pain in the @$$! HP needs to fix this or at least advise their tech support to tell customers what they could do if their PC is out of warranty.

  32. Brilliant. Sometimes the simple things do really work. I was getting worrried, as I couldn’t find a solution.
    “The method suggests to shutdown the laptop, remove the battery and adaptor. Press power button for 45 seconds with battery removed. Leave the laptop without batter for few minutes, and then insert the battery again and it will start working.”

  33. I have a HDX9000T since 2007 that started doing the same about 2 month ago: all blue lights from the QuickPlay to DVD eject not obeying to touch. Every thing that I did from updating to reinstalling failed. By luck, today, I found this Forum and follow ABHISHEK instructions of removing the battery and adapter power, pressing power buttom for 45 seconds ( I did 1.5 minutes) and reconnecting adapter power and battery: IT WORKED!!! The only buttom that still is not working is th DVD eject. I will try again later, and, I will try the advice of K_S if nothing else works. Sounds like a good procedure too and probably is related to statics and ABHISHEK. In any event, THANK YOU ABHISHEK!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. If .i an allowed to complete my coomment, my computer ia HP Pavilion HDX9000T. and, clarifying and finishing my last previous comment, I was trying to say that what K_S did is probably related to the observation of ABHISHEK about statics. Makes sense.

  35. I tried removing the battery method, because web site is not user friendly at all in searching for a driver. Now it is working. You have done a great job in posting this. My touch keys did not work for many days. My laptop is pavilion dv6.

  36. I was so thankful to find this website! I called the HP number and they were absolutely no help. They wouldn’t even give me any ideas on what to do unless I paid them $329. Then they finally said ok we will help for $60!!!! I was so mad because I didn’t want to pay $60 when I knew it had to be something simple. I found this website did everything, and I have sound back again!!!! MADE MY NIGHT!

  37. omg!!! thank you it actually works!!! i been trying to fix that for months now!!! thank you!!!!

  38. rEMOVING POWER CORD AND removing battery fixed mine too. Spent hours of driver updating etc fooling around with all software options but the disconnecting is what did the job. This post was an awesome help.

  39. I used the third trick, all the while feeling foolish for trying a desperate last hope before deferring to hp support and I was shocked and amazed that it actually worked on my dv7, thank you very much for this.

  40. yes this really did work after I took my laptop apart to replace the fan that had died and had it back togathor everthing was working fine but not them touch bottons took the battery out and did what he said and now it works just fine would not had belived it was that simple to fix thanks.

  41. When I first heard of the technique of removing battery, adapter and so on, I thought that someone’s gone mad, but the way you answered the query with logical reason satisfied me. And I used this method and now i am very happy that i can access the quick launch button and finally can turn ON the Bluetooth.
    Thank you.

  42. I tried everithing for the last three hours, but finally got them working again by using method no` 3 , thanks!!!

  43. Used the third tip on a Toshiba and it also worked great on that brand. Seemed to fix problems i was having with my mouse pad also. THANKS!

  44. Jesus, I cant believe removing the battery worked, Thank you so much. What a horrible design error from HP.

  45. Forgot to mention on which laptop removing the battery worked: HP Compaq 8510p

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