[Fixed] Laptop Fan Makes Too Much Noise On AC Power


Today I observed that my HP DV4 1131 TX laptop was making too much noise. The noise increased too much when I connected my laptop to AC power adaptor for charging the laptop battery. This noise becomes too high when I am using the laptop for a couple of hours.


On observing closely I realized that the fan was running too fast and making too much noise. The temperature of the laptop was high, but not very high, so the fans looked like running at speeds higher than needed. In this article I will share the solution how I fixed this fan noise.


There are few things you must do to fix the fan noise :


Upgrade Laptop BIOS


One of the most common reasons for high Noise is fans running too fast. This fan speed is usually controlled by BIOS Software. For HP laptop, you can download your BIOS upgrade for HP4 Laptops from HP Support page.

After you download and run the BIOS update, it will check your present BIOS version and the latest version. It will upgrade the BIOS and restart the laptop with the latest BIOS version.




Check Temperature Of CPU And Graphics Card


HW Monitor is an excellent software utility to test the temperature levels of the various hardware components of laptop. You can download and install HWmonitor here.

Install and run the utility to check the hardware temperature.


If the temperature is too high, turn off the laptop and clean the air-vents of the laptop with a blower of the vacuum cleaner. Also see if there is any dust or something blocking the cooling of laptop. Use the laptop in such a way that the vents of air are not blocked while laptop is running.


Change Power And Graphics Settings


Open the control panel and change the power options to use low power. Also open the graphics settings and turn the settings to medium quality so that the graphics card does not create too much heat and the fan speed remains slow.


  1. I have an HP dv4-1225ee…. I did this and it fixed the too much noise problem! Thanks!

    🙂 its much quite now.

  2. have the same problem with my hp pavilion dv4 1135ei. Read your solution and executed it. Now i have to wait and watch. Thanks

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