[Fixed] Scroll Function Not Working Properly In Excel Sheets and Other Softwares

Today I observed a very annoying behavior on my Windows PC while working on an excel sheet in MS Excel in Windows. The cursor on the sheet was not moving on cells while I used the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll through data. Instead, the page started to scroll which was quite annoying. I though some button on my keyboard was stuck, so I checked the CTRL, ALT and Shift buttons, but all the buttons were fine.

I use a wireless keyboard which does not have LED indicators telling me what all locks (caps locks, num-lock etc.) are active at a particular time, so I was quite confused. After doing some more hit-and trial, I found out the solution. The problem was because of scroll-lock which makes the use of arrow keys different. When the scroll lock is on, it makes the arrow keys to scroll the screen instead of moving cells inside an excel sheet. It also changed the behavior of arrow keys in many other softwares in Windows.

Scrolling Problem

To turn off scroll lock, you can locate the Scroll lock key towards the right side of the normal keys. Simply press it and try to see if the arrows keys start behaving normally again. Another problem arises when there is no scroll lock key on some keyboard like wireless ones or laptop keypad or any other keypad where the scroll lock is not visible or available. To solve this problem, there is also a simple and easy workaround.

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In case there is no scroll lock key or you are not able to locate it on your keyboard, simply launch the on-screen keyboard by locating it in programs.

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On the bottom right side of the on-screen you will see a key named “ScrLk” which is the scroll lock key. If it is showing up in white, simply click on it, it will turn black and the scroll lock will be turned off.

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