Fixes to common Computer Mouse problems


Mouse is such a useful device, but we take it for granted until it starts troubling you. You will realize its importance only when your mouse goes bad or behaves erratically.

problem with mouse

Some of the common problems with mouse are:

  • Mouse Pointer Does Not Move Smoothly
  • Mouse Pointer Freezes
  • Mouse Does Not Work At All
  • Mouse Pointer Too Slow or Too Fast
  • Problem With Double Click

In this post, we will cover most common reasons behind these problems and the solutions.


Lets see all these problems one by one with their solutions:


Mouse Pointer Does Not Move Smoothly



This Problem is mainly caused by dist accumulation at the bottom of the mouse surface or glossy mouse-pad especially for laser mouse or optical mouse. Clean the dust at the bottom of the mouse surface, also mouse pad, and try changing the mouse-pad, that also helps a lot.


Mouse Pointer Freezes



This Problem is mainly caused by due to high CPU usage, or you can say by hanging of some application. In such cases, the mouse will freeze. In such a case, wait a few seconds, and see if the mouse starts to respond. If that does not help, try to launch task manager from keyboard and try to kill any such application. In worst case, you might have to power-off and restart the computer.

Mouse Does Not Work At All



This Problem is caused due to loose connections or mouse connector connected to wrong PS/2 port. In such a case, first of all check the physical connection. In worst case, the mouse may have gone dead, so its shopping time.


Mouse Does Not Work At All



This Problem is caused due to loose connections, faulty mouse cable or mouse connector connected to wrong PS/2 port. In such a case, first of all check the physical connection. If you have a wireless or Bluetooth mouse, check its battery.  In worst case, the mouse may have gone dead, so its shopping time.


Mouse Pointer Speed Too Fast or Too Slow



You can configure the speed of your mouse pointer as per your need and comfort. For configuring the same, go to Control Panel > Mouse and Pointing Devices and set the mouse speed as you like.


Problem With Double Click



You can also configure the double click speed as per your comfort. For this also you need to go to Control Panel > Mouse and Pointing Devices. From there you can set the mouse double-click speed.


  1. er…who can help me…when i click a thing then will many dot beside… example …………

  2. mouse is brand new but keeps scrolling to bottom of page so that I can’t read what I want to. took mouse back and nothing wrong with it so what can I do to put this right please

  3. I have an apple mouse. The scroll wheel has stopped working. Can’t figure out how to open the mouse to clean, if that might be the problem.
    Many thanks,

  4. Thanks for having this good site. I do have one agravating, unresolved problem. My laptop mouse AND the travel mouse, independantly or together, allow the left click button to act on its own. It will click without my input, or hang for a few minutes. I have unplugged the USB travel mouse, and switched the left/right buttons on the laptop. At least now I can manage. Will use the numeric buttons if it gets worse before fixing. Any fixes out there please?

  5. Hello. Please help me. My mouse is just acting weird. When i click on something(folder, mp3 etc.) sometimes it accesses it with only one click. I checked several times the double-click-single click options and it’s set for double click. Still I have this problem. Could it be that the mouse itself is bugged? I only have it for about a month or so and it worked perfectly until 2 days ago. Please help me. Thank you.

  6. My problem is that the mouse has frozen.The mouse is perfect as it works fine on other computers. I am currently using a second computer with the mouse working fine.
    So I,m thinking its a driver issue. However with no mouse movement how do I resolve this problem. A helping hand would be appreciated. Incidentally the mouse I am using is a Laser mouse.

  7. I have same problem as John, mouse is frozen mine also works in diff computers its a microsoft mouse and xp .
    Thanks for any advice

  8. happens with wireless mouse and also with mouse that has wire.

    have to completely turn off computer then back on again and it may work for a few minutes and then freezes again.

    I’m on windows xp. with sservice pack 2.

    any help would be appreciated. Louie Reynolds

  9. im having a problem with my mouse, ran several types of fixs but it still freezes or skips, or it stops working all together, not sure what else to do…

  10. My HP Elite Mouse,

    is part of a combo: RF frequency wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

    Mouse has an issue.

    The left side clicker has ceased to function. Mouse is 18 months old.

    I have an identical HP Elite RF wireless mouse as I have two sets of the HP Elite for practical purposes and that mouse works fine. I have replaced the non functional RE wireless mouse with a wired mouse for the time being.

    Is there any way to diagnose the problem and possibly repair the mouse?

    In the well over 25 years I have been using a computer this is the first time a mouse has failed.
    Is is HP? (Note their sales are down) or is it a quirk, or is it possible there is something I can adjust?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. My computer mouse is having problems. Somethimes i have to click multiple times on things for it to work. Sometimes all you need to do is click once. Also it cannot hold down things or grab items on the desktop. Please Help!

  12. The mouse pointer is blinking abnormally, when i connected the 3G data card with my PC. I am using Windows XP. Plz tell a solution.

  13. My problem with my mouse is that it can’t move around the whole interface, it just moves around the part of it, when it moves around the centre, it cant move right or left and vise versa, what’s solution to this?

  14. my computer’s hardware was corrupted and then my cousin fixed it but after that the mouse doesn’t work at all, i have tried to connect the mouse to every port possible but still no good, i even bought a new mouse but it still doesn’t work at all. please help.

  15. (roy joseph) your hardware was corrupted? i think the software/the driver of your hardware is the one being corrupted. try to check the device manager of your computer to check if all driver is installed and updated.

  16. My mouse problem (have a USB wired) is, that for Internet Explorer only, it works in the taskbar but not for anything else. Does anyone have a solution? The mouse works fine in Firefox and Chrome.

  17. I have a Logitech cordless mouse and no matter how I adjust it “slow or fast” it moves in an “out of control” fashion when I am trying to use it. Is there a way to make it more controllable? So annoying.

  18. thank u! it was driving me crazy! just changed the mouse pad and it’s perfect again! :O that thought would never cross my mind!

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