FixWin – Free Tool To Fix Issues In Windows 7 And Vista


We all face small problems when it comes to Windows Vista or Windows 7, there problems come due to change in settings, un-installation and installation of tools and softwares, sometimes viruses and malwares that infect the computer.



In this article we will tell you about a freeware tool called FixWin Developed by Ramesh Kumar (MVP) and The Windows Club. This is an excellent small handy tool which is less than 1 MB in size and can solve a large variety of common Windows Vista and Windows 7 Problems.


The kind of problems FixWin Can Fix for you is divided broadly into 5 categories, viz.

  1. Windows Explorer Problems
  2. Internet and Connectivity Problems
  3. Windows Media Problems
  4. System Tools
  5. Additional Fixes

The Windows Explorer Sections allows following fixes :

  • Recycle Bin Missing From Desktop
  • Reset Folder View Settings
  • Games Explorer Not Working
  • Show Hidden File Problem
  • Fix Recycle Bin Icon
  • Explorer Does Not Start
  • CD / DVD drive missing
  • Thumbnails not working in Windows


The Internet Connectivity section includes:

  • Internet Explorer icon missing from desktop
  • Internet Options missing
  • Unable to change home page
  • Reset IE settings etc.


The Windows Media section includes :

  • Windows Media Player Does not start
  • Windows Media Player stops responding
  • Reset Windows Media Library
  • Windows Media Player Not installed properly etc.


The system tools section includes :

  • Enable Task Manager
  • Enable Command Prompt
  • Enable Registry Editor
  • Device Manager not working etc


The additional fixes includes:

  • Enable Hibernation
  • Restore Sidebar Gadgets
  • Widows Update Problem
  • Corrupt Desktop icons etc.


Apart from these fixes, this tool has a System file checker feature which will scan all your Windows system files for any kind of errors or problems as you can see below.



Download FixWin

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