Foreign Language Fonts Look Like ? Symbols In Internet Explorer or Firefox



We received this problem from some readers that they can not read web pages in foreign languages or sometimes local languages which are other than English. In such a case, the browser will show question mark  “???” symbols for all the characters in that language.

I this post, we will tell you some links to locate the language fonts and methods to install the fonts for Windows Xp and Windows Vista.


To fix this problem, you need to know what language is the web-page trying to load. In case you are visiting a page in Chinese or Arabic language, then to display it correctly you need font for Chinese or Arabic respectively.

Below are some websites where you can search download the fonts you need.




After you download the font (or zipped file containing font), locate the <fontname>.ttf file.

There are two simple ways of installing the font. Both ways work well, do one which u find convenient:


Method 1 : Right click on font file with .ttf extension, and click install. This will install that font on your computer.


Method 2: Go to Control Panel > Fontscontrol-panel-fonts as seen below.

Copy and paste the font file with .ttf extension into this folder, the font will get installed.paste-fonts-into-fonts-folder


After installing the font, restart your computer, the web page in non-english language or foreign language will now open properly.


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