What To Do When Windows 8 Installation Gets Corrupt?

Remember the days of Windows 98 and Windows XP when every few months there was some or the other issues related to the Windows installations and in the absence of proper expertise to troubleshoot the problem properly, users preferred to format their hard drives and re-install a fresh copy of Windows. In past one decade, the technology has moved really fast ahead and things have improved drastically for good. The latest version of Windows on our computers these days, the Windows 8 does come with a solution to the most commonly faced challenge in a very interesting way. Gone are the days when you used to re-install Windows again and again (laymen call it formatting the computer). Windows 8 has an in-built support to do something similar without loosing any files or data.

Windows 8 Metro Screen

How To Reset or Refresh Windows 8 [Alternative to formatting & re-install]

This feature in Windows 8 is called the Refresh the computer- what it really does is that when you feel that your Windows 8 PC is behaving weird because of settings mess up or any other reason like virus attack or any malicious piece of software, you can simply refresh the Windows installation which will replace all the Windows files with the original files and settings and will not delete the data files and other stuff you have saved on other hard drive partitions.

Simply follow these steps to use this feature. You will require the installation disk or media with which you installed the Windows 8.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Change PC settings.

Refresh Windows 8 Installation (1)

Step 2: In settings, go to General and on right hand side, scroll to locate the option “Refresh your PC without affecting your files” and click on the Get started button below it.

Refresh Windows 8 Installation (2)

Step 3: Simply follow the steps from here and be patient. You need to insert the installation disk or USB media from which you installed Windows 8 to complete this process.

Refresh Windows 8 Installation (3)

Refresh Windows 8 Installation (4)

So this is how you “format Windows 8 PC” which is not a formatting in true sense but has the same affect like we have on older Windows versions with formatting and re-install. Check out some more Windows 8 Tutorials by Trouble Fixers.


  1. Hi there,

    im having a problem with my Windows 8 laptops. I Refreshed the computer becayse sonething was wrong with it. So, once i refreshed it, suddenlt it doesnt recognise me as the admin (my display picutre not showing up. And I cannot acccess the PC settinf to format the laptop


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