Four Reasons Why Computer Does Not Boot


We have received many problems from our readers over past few months over the problem that the computer does not boot. In some cases Windows does not load properly. Its really troublesome to be in such a situation when your computer is ill.

computer does not start


As a matter of fact we have written a couple of posts which gives solution to some such problems. Lets have a look at it.



Before trying all these options below, make sure that all the power cables and other cables are properly connected. To be sure, un-plug the power cable and plug it again. When checking is done, try to power on the computer.


If the computer is still not starting then observe if there are any beeps from the computer. If no, then there is some problem either with RAM or some other related stuff. See this post for details.


If there is normal beep and the windows start to load and get stuck in between, then there may be another few reasons why its not booting up. Read the error message on screen and see if it matches with the message below:

If the error message is different from this, see this post. If it does not solve your problem, leave us a comment or submit it as a problem to us.


  1. You can not imgine how many times a customer calls me and tells me there computer wont start, and its just becuase4 they do not have the cords pluged in properly, or the power button on a surge protector is off.

  2. when i insert my windows xp servicepack2 cd and restart the compuer it does not boot the cd. does this mean that my dvd writer has undergone some problem

  3. computer does not boot.

    power comes on thats it.

    no boot. no beeps. i was working on internet,

    program freezes, alt+ctrl+del did not work

    pressed off power. tried reboot nothing happened

    after this. computer base was hot though.

  4. My computer does not boot it just start then there is continuous beep and not thing comes on the screen

  5. Dear Sirs,
    My desktop does not boot at first switch-on.
    I have a UPS which beeps (Long beep) when I switch it on and the monitor displays a box saying “no signal”. I then switch on Tower and the monitor remains blank and black.
    To get the PC to boot, I need to switch off and switch on the system 4 times, before the booting process starts.
    Alternatively, if I switch all on (blank screen on monitor) and leave it alone for a few minutes (longest I tried was for 10 minutes, but also 5/6 mins may suffice), then switch off and on immediately, I get 1 short beep and it starts to scroll, followed by the Windows XP logo and booting.
    After that everything works normally.
    It appears that it needs to warm up first before it boots.
    If, after some hours’ work on my computer, I switch off and then switch on again immediately, it boots properly which reinforces my idea that it needs to warm up first.
    I don’t know what caused it, but could it be the Registry cleaner that caused it? My Reg Cleaner/TuneUP told me I had too many (over 3000) unused & needless files which I could remove to speed up my PC’s performance and not cause any problem to my PC. I did accept to have them removed.
    I’m not totally sure that’s the cause, but the problem, I think, started soon after.
    Thank you for your help.

  6. My computer (desktop) keeps going to the start in safe mode/ start with network/ reboot windows normally menu. It counts down then tries to restart and ends up rebooting to this screen. I am running windows xp

  7. Dear Sir,
    My lap top does not boot up. I have to switch on and off at least 5 times before it reads windows XP. Please help.

    Gerald Germishuizen

  8. i have same problem.. my computer won’t boot but i already check my power supply, RAM, the fan is spinning.. but the no boot … 🙁

  9. most of you sound stupid. how crazy you have to be to check if your cable is connected. and more stupid you are if you try to start a computer that is not connected to electricity. awful.

  10. dear sir i hah a promblem with my laptop(samsung R519) ,its too slow to respond and it doesnt remboot soo fast,either i use the disc, its really irritating me. i tried to format or reistall windows but the promblem still unsolved, its even slow and failing to reboot. even i install new program ,after i am going to reboot for the frogram to take an effect, the pc it wont reboot anymore! please help….

  11. Can not figure out what is up with my computer.I will turn it on and it boots fine. I will shut it off and turn it on again, the starting windows logo comes up then it stops loading shows a black screen.
    After a few attempts it will load.
    What seems to be the issue?

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