Free Downadup aka Conficker aka Kiddo Removal / Deletion Tool


Conflicker Virus is a popular typo of the conficker worm which is also known as downadup and kiddo, Conflicker is also referred to as the conflicter virus by some people.


This virus is one of the most deadly virus which plays with your network adapter and customize your system settings and also add new values to your system registry. It gets launched automatically at system startup and produce various annoying noises. It spreads itself through pen drives, network hole and it also features a method of cracking administrator password.


Almost all the antivirus vendors has already released separate tool to remove Conficker worm, these tools do not require any installation. Let’s discuss about all the tools available to remove conficker aka downadup aka kiddo virus.


In order to check whether your computer is infected by conficker virus you can go for free online scan to detect conficker which detects all the versions and variants of conficker virus. 


There are lot of tools available on web which can remove various versions of conficker aka downadup aka kiddo worm.


Some Conficker Removal or Deletion tools are as follows:

  1. Avert Stinger Standalone tool
  2. F-Secure Worm:W32/Downadup.AL Removal Tool
  3. Symantec W32.Downadup Removal Tool
  4. Enigma Conficker Worm Removal tool
  5. Conficker Single PC Removal Tool 
  6. Conficker Network Removal Tool 

You can download any of the above tools to remove conficker or downadup or kiddo virus from your computer safely. Leave a comment if none to the above tools works for you.


  1. Removal of the actual virus is just the start – as documented on our site, you also need to install/update your anti-virus software, repair your Windows registry, and disable Autorun.

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