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Most of the new Operating Systems like Windows Vista And Windows 7 consume good amount of hard disk space. To add to it, heavy installation programs like games and photo-editing tools, multimedia players etc which many of us have also consume disk space. Not only this, Internet browser’s cache, temporary files, temporary installation files,  restore data, recycle bin data etc. all add up to the space consumed on the hard disk.


Although there is an inbuilt Windows Disk Cleanup feature which can free most of the space occupied by the unused and unusable stuff that computer can live without, yet it does not provide a comprehensive cleaning which can clean a lot more space than what it does.


In this article I am going to review a free and highly effective disk space cleaning utility called DiskMax which provides powerful and advanced options to free up several GB of disk space in some cases. It cleaned up around 4GB space of my hard disk.

DiskMax is a powerful Disk Cleanup tool which works in several modes, which are – Quick , Standard , Detailed And Complete. Each of these mode has different level of disk cleaning. I tested the standard one.


When you launch it, it gives you a start screen like the one above, select the type of cleanup you want. Depending on which type you select and how much stuff it clean, it may take several minutes to do the job. It took about 15 minutes on my desktop machine.


The standard scan is very comprehensive and will ask you your preferences related to cleaning and will remember them so that you don’t have to set them again and again. Below are a few screenshots of many steps it goes through to ask your preferences.


It asked me option to clean Microsoft Office Install Files


It asked me option to clean Recycle Bin Files


It asked me option to clean Firefox Cache, Firefox History, Crash reports etc.


It took a while to report crash reports.


It asked me option to scan the user accounts for any unused files.


DiskMax cleans up Windows Crash reposts, Health Stat Data sets, unused installer files, repair information, windows logs, reinstall backups, tem folders etc.


Below is the report which you can see cleaned about 4GB disk space on ,my hard disk by cleaning about 5400 unused files.


The tool is compatible with all version of Windows 32bit and 64bit OS up to Windows 7. You can install it and use it once a month or few weeks to reclaim the disk space which otherwise remains occupied with useless stuff.

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  1. I have a copy of diskmax; I am still mystified as to how to use it. How do I set the preferences, like whether I want it to empty my recycle bin? Are there instructions for using it online?

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