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Generally, we have to download the rar files either it may be the files sent through email or songs download and many more. But if the when we need to extract them, the process is bit time consuming for large files. Also, the software required need to be registered or we have to face notifications from time to time. Of course, it creates obstruction in our on-going process. So, I found RAR File Open Knife to be a much beneficial and easy tool.

RAR File Open Knife is a small freeware of 1.23 MB. It is an efficient and fast tool to extract data from a rar file to a desired location.Three simple steps as shown in the snapshot below will complete the process.


The welcome window will help you to understand the process. It is really very simple as stated below:

  1. Click on Unrar.
  2. A new window will open to select the file. Choose the file from which data is to be extracted.
  3. The files will be extracted within few seconds. The tool will extract in less than half of the time required by the general process.

Inspite of using the unrar button, you have other methods also:

  • The compressed file can be dragged and dropped on the picture (knife).
  • Double click on the compressed file. The RAR File Open Knife will be set as the default program for all the rar files at the time of installation automatically by itself.
  • Right click on the rar file and choose the option “Extract” from the context menu to proceed faster.


You may change the desired output location before extracting. As shown in the snapshot below (options available in the tool): either it will be extracted to the same file or you can browse any other location. Other options can also be selected  based on the requirement.


There are few interface options also which can be changed by the Interface tab in the menu. Select the desired options.This was all about the utility: easy, simple and fast to use. Now, you don’t have to worry whenever you have to download any rar file because now you can extract the data in few seconds. Feel free and enjoy the tool for as many files as you want. Remember, that the tool can be used only for the rar file and not any other format.

The tool has been verified with Windows 7 so it will be compatible with all the other versions also.

Download RAR File Open Knife


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