Get Administrator rights in your windows limited account


One of our readers Akhilesh submitted a problem “In my system administrator account is disabled and I have a local user account,but I have no admin right.please give me some solution”

Such a problem can be solved on two ways, one is to Reset the administrator password and login using Administrator account. First way is already published here.

The other solution is to “Promote your user account to gain admin rights.” In this post we will cover this method, which provides administrator rights to the user by promoting the user account.

Lets see how to fix it.


For this we will use the method detailed in our post windows password reset. See the post at this link. Follow steps 1 to 7 from this post. After following step 1 to 7, follow the steps below:

8. Now it will show following choices

1. Clear the password

2. Edit password

3. Promote user

4. Unlock account

5. Quit

Type 3 and press enter.

9. Type the username of the user you want to promote and press enter.

select user

10. After this it will show a menu as seen below. Type 3 and press enter.

promote option

11. After you press enter, it will show a warning. Type y and press enter to continue.

promote warning

12. Now type ! and press enter to come to previous menu, here type q to quit and press enter.

13. It will now say, About to write files, at this type y and press enter.

14. It will ask to Run again. Now take the CD out of the tray and restart your computer.

Its Done! This user will have administrator rights next time you restart your windows PC.

Note: Your PC may not boot properly for one time after following this procedure, restart again if it shows some windows error.


  1. OK so the easy way to do this (Without any other software…)
    1)Reboot your computer into safe mode with command prompt
    2)Type “net localgroup Administrators username /add” and hit enter
    3)Reboot computer into Windows normally
    4)Logon and you’ll have admin privileges…I find this way SO much easier…

  2. @ Dennis
    Thanks for the solution. However this works only if you are booting in safe mode using an administrator account to promote another user from limited to admin user. It does not work in case you are logged in using limited account.

  3. hi.i have no administrator account access i,m loging as user
    how can i login as administrator and use my own favorites?thanks

  4. Somebody has changed my windows 2000 server password. Now i want to get it back or reset it how can i do it.
    Is there some way to do it.
    Is there some password database or file which can be changed to reset windows 2000 server password.

  5. i was wondering if you can use that image/iso file and upload it on a usb device like a flash memory stick, and boot the program from there , is that possible….

  6. to change a password on windows 2000 is on any user go to start-all programs-accessories-command prompt. when in command prompt type NET USER (yourusername) * dont type the brackets and where it says your username obiviously you should type your own user name and remember to put a space before the * sign (shift+8) it should now say type new password for this user do that you will not be able to se what you typed press enter then type it again as it says prewss enter this should work it should says this command completed successfully now log off your that account and log in as the account whos password you just changed i hope this works for you shahzad p.s this only works for windows 2000 unless your on a admin account on another operating system to conact me for more detailed advice use my email address from above

  7. i have administrator pass word and i login and i creat user acount but my administrator pass word is in active so how can i solv this problem?

  8. I tried the program on Win7 Ultimate and it worked great. But now I can’t erase the fake accounts I made, in order to test out the program. It won’t let me move them to any other user groups or take them off administrative, only thing I been able to do, is disabling them. Any solutions?

  9. Hi this way seems to be good but one question is will my administrator know about this. I want to do this without their knowledge..;-)

  10. I had the same problem as Alex, when I turned on my computer, my account wasn’t in the list. After fiddling with the program again, I used the unlock feature and my account reappeared. The next day however, the same problem occurred and even after unlocking my account still won’t show. What’s a solution to this?

  11. I found a new way to give admin rights to all persons in a network if any one got it for one system alone. Just login into a system in which a user have admin rights. Then connect the another computer using remote connection(type mstsc in run dialogue box), now you will be able to give admin rights to any account in the remote computer using manager user account option(type netplwiz in run dialogue box).

    By this way, just one user having admin rights in one system is enough to give admin rights to whole system 🙂

  12. Ganesh, how is that possible? – I connect to a “normal” user – then what? – All I see is the his/her screen.. then? Everything I do from there is exactly as they would do.

  13. Hi, I have tried it in a network and was able to do so. Its like as follows. Take two users user1 and user2 in system1 and system2 resp. Now common system admin is giving admin rights to user1 on system1. How they are able to do all the things because they are admin. Now who is the user1. Since he also got admin rights, he is also considered as admin i.e he can do most of common system admin tasks and can give admin rights to himself on system2 or for user2 on system1 and system2. The things required either one user should have admin rights on atleast one system and should be able to access other system remotely(Since in some system they may disabled remote connections). But in few systems alone another user i.e user2 should have atleast power user rights in system2.

    Another thing, if you want admin rights in a system say system A then anyone who have admin rights in system A(ur colleague may have it) can give admin rights to you on that system also in all systems wherever he/she have admin rights :).

  14. I tried promoting a Normal User using the steps mentioned above; the problem is that i can’t seem to find the user name in the list of users.

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