Gmail does not open in standard mode,gives option to open in basic HTML

This happens many times while logging in to Gmail when we get message “Gmail cannot not open in standard mode, try basic html mode”.

Why Gmail got hanged in standard mode while opening?

Few of the most common reason for this problem are:

1. Cookies or temporary internet files.
2. Bad/slow internet connection speed.

You can fix first problem by clearing up your cookies and temporary files. Below is the step by step procedure to clean old cookies and temporary internet files for Microsoft Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox as these two are the most commonly used browsers.

Clearing cookies and temporary files for Microsoft internet explorer:

1. Open Microsoft internet explorer
2. Go to File Menu >>Tools>>Internet Options
3. Click the general Tab>>click Delete cookies and temporary files. Fixed.

Clearing cookies and temporary files for Mozilla Firefox:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Go to Tool Menu >>Clear private data.
3. This will show a small window, on this window check the following three options
-Authenticated sessions

4. Click the button “Clear Private Data Now”.

Even after this if the problem remains, then check whether the internet connection is healthy. Slow or bad internet connection also creates problems for Gmail standard mode.In such case you can get you internet connection fixed or keep using basic HTML.


  1. not open gmail website in my computer and show Error 201 (net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID): Unknown error.

  2. Error 201 (net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID): Unknown error.
    not open gmail website in my computer and show Error 201

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