Google Talk Stuck in Diagnostic Mode, Cant Sign In and Cant Launch It

Recently some of our readers faced some problems while running google talk as for some they are no longer able to launch the google talk by clicking the pinned  taskbar icon or shortcut and on other hand some of them can’t sign in as it says diagnostic mode and they cant sign in.


Google Talk Does Not Run or Appear?

This can happen with anyone if they pin the wrong shortcut of google talk desktop program in windows as there are two shortcuts created when you install google talk one is the normal shortcut and another one is meant for the diagnostic mode. You will need to make sure that you are clicking the right shortcut if its not starting when you click the shortcut icon so that you make sure that you don’t run the google chrome in diagnostic mode.

Google Talk Runs But Can’t Sign In

It might happen with some of the google talk users that you can’t sign in even when google talks loads and runs fine as its running in diagnostic mode in which you cant even log in to chat with your friends as this mode is meant to be used by developers only.

Fix Google Talk in Diagnostic Mode

There are some things you can simply check if you are facing above or similar problems in google talk, follow the steps to fix them as follows.

First make sure that the shortcut you are clicking has the right target path to run google talk in normal mode, for this you will need to right click on the desktop shortcut and select properties and remove the special argument /diag from the shortcut path and save the shortcut and click it again.


This time google talk should load fine.

Secondly make sure under google talk settings diagnostic mode is not enabled, go to settings in google talk.


Under Settings >> General – if you see the button showing Disable Diagnostic Mode then click it and click ok to save the settings.


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