Hide Your Facebook Actions and Stop Third Party Website To Publish On Wall

Facebook has gone global on web these days you can see facebook integration on almost every other website on web like Trip Advisor, CNET, PC World and most of he news publications on web, in such case there are times when you may realize that when you connect to these websites using facebook, you actually leave one door open about your life to your friends who get to know because of these social updates these websites posts about you on your facebook timeline.

This is really very annoying and disturbing some times when you get to see an update which tells your facebook friends about a new article you read on CNET or some thing other you did on some other websites which you actually are not interested in sharing with other people. Welcome to the world of social networking which reveals most of your online activity to your so called facebook friends, some of them you may not have met in the real world, so you don’t actually know about their identity.

Delete Facebook Activity Traces

Yes, there is simple way you can hide the activity of yours on these websites like CNET where there is toggle to turn on facebook posting about your activity on CNET but I don’t even see this button other websites most of the times.

Facebook Off on CNET

For those websites where you don’t see an option to turn off posting of facebook updates on your behalf, you can try logging to your facebook timeline and then go to your facebook timeline by clicking your name on facebook, and there you will see Facebook Timeline Activity where you can delete the updates posted by a specific website.

delete facebook activity trace

You can select different options like Hide the recent activity, stop publishing further updates from the same app or website, you can also remove or block the app from your facebook account or mark the activity updates from that app as spam so they are blocked fore ever and reported to facebook as spam.

Please Note: For individual updates you can delete them manually but there is one risk that is – these activity updates also appear in facebook news ticker as it happens so before you go and delete a facebook activity or hide some one might see it in the facebook news ticker.

Hiding Your Personal Facebook Activity

In case you like a facebook page or add some one as friend which you don’t want others to know, you can go and hide the facebook activity by clicking the cross symbol over that update in facebook timeline activity section.

Hide Facebook Friend Added or Page Liked From Wall

Revoke Access From Facebook App or Delete The App On Facebook

There are times when may want to delete all updates posted by a facebook app connected to your account, in such case you can either delete the app under facebook privacy settings >> apps and websites or simply revoke posting access from that application.

stop app to post on your facebook wall without deleting the same

This way you can stop deleting the app by just stopping the app to post on your facebook wall.


Facebook is getting more scary day by day as enters to the private part of each and every user who use and reveal or sell it in some way or the other, I hope the above methods helps you protect your privacy to some extent and take things under control when you are on web.


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