Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling Does Not Work On Laptop Touchpad

I have been testing many different laptops in past some weeks for their performance and benchmarking and there is one typical problem with many of the new laptops. The touchpad can behave quite weird and the functionality of horizontal or vertical scrolling does not work properly on the touchpad while scrolling on the right and bottom edges of the touchpad. In this article, I am going to share some common reasons behind such problems and their solutions.

Laptop Touchpad Scrolling

Missing Touchpad Driver

Most common reason behind missing features of the Touchpad is missing touchpad hardware drivers. We recommend you to install the latest version of the Touchpad drivers on the laptop and then check the settings.

Missing .NET Framework

In some Windows laptops, the touchpad settings are also dependent on the .NET framework. I came across one Dell laptop which required the .NET framework for making changed to touchpad settings. So to use the features of the touchpad settings, you may also require latest version of the framework.

Missing Settings

If the drivers software and framework are in place and still the scrolling is not working, you need to change the touchpad settings to make the scrolling features. Also check if the touchpad hardware also supports multi-touch gestures, which many new generation laptops have. To make the settings, you can locate a touchpad like icon in the try area of Windows desktop or you may also find the same in control Panel under mouse settings.

You can enable scrolling using the right edges for the vertical scroll and bottom edge for the horizontal scrolling. Also you can enable advanced multi-touch gestures if the hardware and touchpad settings support these gestures.

We hope you find these tips simple and useful, do check our some more troubleshooting tips by Trouble Fixers.

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