How Can I Upload File To My Website Using FTP Droplet

Many of my friends who don’t know don’t have much experience with websites, often ask me this basic question of how can they easily upload a file to their website and then link to it from the website or some where else. Sometimes the ftp programs suggested to them are confusing or not easy to understand, so in such a case a person who is laymen and does not understand how websites work face many problems.


In such cases you can use this very basic and easy to understand program called FTP Droplet allows you to upload file or any type and size on to your website very easily and quickly through ftp.

Only thing required to use this program is that you must know the FTP username and password to upload your files to the website. This application is completely portable, you just need to extract all the files contents from the zip archive you will download [ download link at the end of the post ]


After extracting the contents you first need to run configurator.exe which will open a window in which you would need to enter you site ftp path of your website, ftp username and ftp password a shown in the image below.


After Entering the required details click Save settings button and then Load Settings button, now start FTP Droplet Lite Program from its executable from the folder where you extracted all the files.

Now choose the file to upload and then click the button Send File after locating the file to be uploaded.


This application is the easiest program to upload to any website which support FTP Upload.

Download FTP Droplet

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