[Solved] How To Approve Missed Pending Comments on Youtube Videos

If you run a youtube channel then you might know what I am talking about here, there are times when you will miss moderating comments on a youtube video and your youtube viewers who leave comment might feel bad when they cant see the comments approved after many days as you cant approve them as they are old and you missed approving them when they commented on the video.

Now if you want to see which all videos have pending comments still held for approval, as if now there is no way to find those videos but mostly they are the ones which are popular on your youtube channel which comments more often.

Approve Old Youtube Video Comments

In order to approve comments pending on your youtube channels Inbox >> comments and under comments you will see the pending ones as shown in the image below.


Now, if you want to approve the old comments, you wont see them here so you will need to locate the comments page which exist for each video but reaching that page is quite difficult as its cannot be reached by youtube navigation. Now there are two ways to reach the all comments page – one it via the inbox as shown below.

To view all comments for a youtube video including the ones which are still pending on a youtube videos is to open a comment for the video held for approval and then click in the link which says see all comments.


Once you click on see all comments, you will see it all comments loaded on a page below the video which you can approve now and reply as well.


Alternatively if you want to do this for every video – you will need to type in the video id and use the following URL.


The video id of any video you play on youtube is shown in the URL address bar as shown in the image below.


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