How To Block Google+ Email Notifications From A Specific Person or Spammer

Sometime back we shared with you a tip in which you can block all email notifications from Google+, but what to do when you are following someone who shares a lot of posts on Google Plus? Since Google plus gives the option to share the updated via email to the person who is sharing, the control with the person receiving the email notifications becomes weak. In this article, I am going to share a simple and easy to way procedure in which you can specifically block Google+ updates from a specific person without blocking all updates.

Block Google Plus Notifications From Specific User (1)

To do the same, next time you want to block someone, click on the name of the person to open his/her Google Plus profile.

Block Google Plus Notifications From Specific User (2)

On a person’s profile, you will find a small setting button which looks like a gear. Click on the same to see more options.

Block Google Plus Notifications From Specific User (3)

From the settings, you can select to Mute the person which will prevent email notifications from this person when they share something with you on Google+ even if they set to to be shared with you via email.

Block Google Plus Notifications From Specific User (4)

You will get a prompt to confirm the Mute. Even after you mute, you will be able to see the updates on your Google Plus stream, but the same will not be shared with you in form of notifications.

Hope you find this tip simple and easy to follow. Leave your comments and suggestions below.

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