How To Change Sender’s Address In New Gmail Compose Box

Gmail is one of the most widely used online email service with host of features, reliability and speed it has to offer. In our previous articles, we shared in detail how you can add other email addresses to Gmail and send and receive emails using other email addresses inside Gmail. This functionality comes in really handy when you need to use some email addresses which are just forwarders and maybe in cases when you have multiple email accounts to manage.

Gmail has recently (around first week of November 2012) changed the Compose option to make it sleek and faster. The new email compose box is much slick and gets rid of many detailed elements which we had in the Gmail compose box. But with simplicity, there will be some problems for advanced users. I send emails using multiple email addresses depending on whom I am sending out an email to. Earlier, the from address bar was always there with drop down option to select from my added list of email ids. But in new interface of Gmail compose box, this option seemed to be missing.

On carefully observing, the option was still there, but at a different location and in a different way. In the new compose box, on the top right corner just below the maximize and close buttons, there are CC, BCC and From options.

Change Sender email id in new gmail compose (1)

To change the sender email address or the From address, click on the From link and it will show you the drop down list of all the email addresses attached with your email account. You can select the From address and compose the rest of the email.

Change Sender email id in new gmail compose (2)

It is quite simple, just that the placement of the options has changed in the new interface.

Change Sender email id in new gmail compose (3)

Bonus Tip – You can set each email address attached with your Gmail account with different signatures.

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