[How To] Create Hard Disk Clone For Full Computer Recovery


Have you ever freaked out thinking what will happen if some day your computer crashes? Well its natural to freak out when you know you got to spend hours to bring the computer back to the state it was before crash by Installing the OS, then installing the softwares, then making all the configurations and settings. It is a big pain.

In this article we will tell you how you can make your hard disk clone for free so that in case your computer crashes, you can recover it to a previous state with the help of the clone.


Below are some Free Software’s which you can download and Clone Your Hard Disk Partitions for future restore of operating system in case of a hard disk or OS crash.


PC Disk Clone Free Edition


PC Disk Clone free edition is a Linux based Live CD which will boot your computer and will allow you to create your hard disk clone for free. It copies all data on physical level with a full support of IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire.

[Download PC Disk Clone Free Edition]



HD Clone Free Edition


HD Clone free edition is another freeware which allows you to create alternatively physical or logical copies (clones) of hard disks and other mass storage media. Its a 10 MB download with no obligation to purchase the professional edition when you are using it for personal use.

[Download HD Clone Free Edition]


Ranish Partition Manager


Ranish Partition Manager is another freeware which includes command line interface and simulation mode that works with large files so you can safely try virtually before working on the real hard drive partition tables.

[Download Ranish Partition Manager]



Easeus Disk Copy


Easeus disk copy is another freeware which does sector-by-sector partition cloning regardless of your operating system, file systems and partition scheme. It will help you backup and restore your OS conveniently in case of a crash.

[Download Easeus Disk Copy]


These are all free softwares which do your task without digging a hole in your pocket. Hope you find this article useful and create had disk clones for future restore to save your precious time which is spent in installing OS, Drivers and Application softwares in case of a Computer crash.


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