How To Delete Google Plus or Google+ Account Safely Without Deleting Google or Gmail Account

Google Plus or Google+ is the latest social network from Google after Buzz. Orkut is also owned by Google but because of diminishing popularity of Orkut worldwide compared to Facebook, Google has brought up something very new and radical called the Google Plus. But if you don’t want to use the Google+ anymore or you want to get rid of your Google+ account and want to remove your Google+ Account we will share a guide with you here. Most users are worried if they delete the Google Plus account they may accidentally delete their Google account, Google Reader, Gmail and other Google accounts as well. Well it may happen if you mistakenly delete your complete Google account. To prevent this mistake, we will guide you through a safe procedure which will allow you to delete only Google+ account without deleting other Google accounts associated with your Google or Gmail id.


How To Remove Google+ Plus Account Without Deleting Gmail Account

There is a safe way of deleting Google Plus account which deletes only the Google+ and not other Google services. Follow this tutorial carefully step by step:

Step 1: Click on Settings icon on the top right of the Google Plus screen when you are logged in and click on Google+ Settings”  “Account” (the interface has changed from the previous one when we wrote this article initially, so we have updated the same here.)

Google Account Settings

Step 2: Click on the Account Overview Link in the left pane and the click on the link towards the bottom of this page which says “Delete profile and social features – Delete Profile and associated Google+ features


Step 3: On next scree, select the option which says “Delete Google+ Content” [IMPORTANT]. Then click the check box at the bottom of the page which says “I understand that deleting the service can’t be undone and data I delete can’t be restored.”. Then click the button which says “Remove Selected Services”. This is it.


I hope you find this small tutorial easy to follow. If you have more queries on Google+, feel free to discuss via comments below.

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  1. If anybody needs to delete it, please just transfer an account to me !!! 🙂 Thanks

  2. Does deleting social features also remove Picasa content? Or only G+ and Buzz?

  3. Thanks a lot! Allowed me to delete my google+ account within an hour of its inception 🙂

  4. This worked as far as me not being able to log in anymore but apparently the account still shows up in my friends lists. Does it just take some time?

  5. I don’t like that my g-mail account and picassa are by default linked to this service.

    By suggesting random contacts that I e-mailed in the past, I feel less secure. These may be people I interacted with once, for business or because of a grievance, I do not want them to have me or I them suggested as contacts.

    If google plus were an isolated body, I would consider using it, as is, the tangled web of google services I use make that impossible.

    Will friends see my youtube video’s and comments? My hosted pictures at picassa used only for my blogger blog?

    With the circles feature google understands that some of us have activities and hobbies reserved for certain social circles, by linking everything we do with google, we lose that sensible action.

  6. Thanks. Everyone thought FB was the problem, but social networks of this style are just annoying to me. G+ is just a FB copy, big deal. Thanks for telling me how to quit. I’ll stick to twitter. @zackn9ne

  7. This was great! Thank you for providing the tutorial for removing this stupid social app.

  8. This opton dos NOT appear on my profile. Am I going to be stuck forever with this crappy social network? I want to delete it ASAP

  9. Thank you so much! I may have made a big mistake if you didn’t help me! Life-sav-or

  10. How to deactivate it temporarily? I want something like facebook deactivation.

  11. seems like a lot of people are deleting their account seems like I am not the only one.

  12. Thank you!
    I also did not like that my gmail account was linked to Google+. I hate that I have to worry about extra privacy settings for another social networking site! This one is way more dangerous, it is linked directly to my email account which contains personal things like photos and calendar! Ridiculous.

  13. @ laksd
    I just deleted my account without any problems what so ever, what’s up?

  14. Was trying to getting rid of this stupid stuff which links my email account n persona stuff. Found the sln here. A real relief thanks a lot !!!!!!

  15. Thank you so much for this detailed description on how to delete my Google+ account. I was on board early in the beta and have become increasingly disgusted and disenchanted to G+ considering their name/nym ambiguous policy, preferential treatment, and hysterically ineffective policy (what policy?) enforcement. Not to mention privacy and security issues. The final straw was when I synced my phone and everyone who ever put me in a circle (whether i circled them or not, knew them or not) suddenly ended up as a contact in my cell phone!! 600 people I didn’t know were listed in my phone. G+ removed and as soon as my contract is up with my mobile provider I’m getting rid of my Android phone as well.

  16. I am trying to delete the google +1 account. But I don’t get the “google +settings” as shown ? The only thing that shows up is “+1 on google sites” . I’ve disabled that one but it doesn’t disable it. I t still shows +1 on other site I visit. HELP !!!!

  17. thanks good info, a little confused when i got to the bottom and it says 5 people have +1’d this article… why are they +1ing this article if they are to delete the profile?

  18. Thanks a ton for the steps above.. I didn’t like google plus one bit and to top it all, picasa is directly linked to google plus…the reason why I wanted to delete g+ ..

  19. Not much innovative. If all my friend are in Facebook, no use in having account Google+. Thanks for your service.

  20. Is there any way I can get this big blue arrow and the +you button off my Google page? I am so pi55ed of about this… I don’t want G+, I don’t want i-Google… I just want a simple search engine that works well. I am about to think that I need to leave Google completely. I have just become accoustomed to having the Google as a home page… man, this really ticks me off. If I join and then downgrade will the blue arrow go away?

  21. I found the optio to delete G+ at
    Google Accounts -> Account overview -> Services -> Delete profile and social features Delete profile and remove associated social features

  22. Thanks so much for the detailed tutorial how to delete G+. Now it shows on the same page “+you”. I don’t understand what does it mean and how did it crop up all of a sudden? I just want a simple gmail account to receive and send emails and use the search engine occasionally Thanks!

  23. Thank you so much! I may have made a big mistake to enroll in Google+.This was very helpful! Once again Thanks Allot.

  24. Thank you so much for this, simple and hassle-free way of deleting this option.
    After hearing the reports from NPR and other news sources I learned that
    Google + is going to be more vulnerable to being hacked than other social networks.
    Besides, I just use Facebook to play games, I could give a rat’s behind what my friends are up to.

  25. If you go to and scroll to the bottom, if you are signed in, you should see a “my account” tab. Once you click that then you can follow the instructions above. I couldn’t access it from the google+ homepage. I deleted mine as soon as I could not get the tutorial video to work. Bad sign for the service if the tutorial wont load!

  26. Thanks, this worked perfectly fine for me. I guess I’m just not ready to jump into yet another social network.

  27. Thanks! I was a little confused by the options, but this led me on the right path. 🙂

  28. Thanks!but i revised this error :
    403. That’s an error.
    Your client does not have permission to get URL /helpcenter/forms/universal_survey from this server. (Client IP address:

    You are accessing this page from a forbidden country. That’s all we know.

  29. Hi!
    I really want to get rid of this Google+… I was trying to follow your tutorial but, I don’t know why, when I click on the wheel on the right top corner I can only chose between the “help” and “feedback” option. Any idea why?

  30. This was a great, simple, clear, quick tutorial on how to correctly remove a google+ account without wiping out your entire Google presence. Thank you!

  31. Like others here I was outraged that Google+ grabbed names from my Gmail without ever asking for my permission. I regret ever trying Google+. Thanks for your guide to help me remove Google+

  32. Greattttt! Txs!!!!
    but How can I synchronize again the Photos link with the Picassa Web Album account???

  33. Done correctly but the question when it will be totally gone.
    Until now the +You still exist.
    I think they made it to stick in your GMAIL forever ;]

  34. Thanks! Google+ was really irking me. How is that so many Google+ fans are up in arms about privacy on Facebook when Google automatically links all these disparate accounts without users’ knowledge (youtube, whatever else)?

  35. Thank you! Worked instantly for me. I was able to view Picasa once again and the photos that had been loaded via Google+ are now back in Picasa – folks no longer have to join to view them!

  36. Thank you so much for the great tutorial, Google + sucked and is a waste of time. Nice job, big help I couldn’t wait to delete it, thank you !

  37. Horrible product being forced up gmail users. Deleted after 30 mins.

    Thanks for this post.

  38. Thank You for providing detailed information for deleting Google+ account.

  39. Thank you for this info. Now that I’ve stumbled upon your site, I’ll definitely be passing it along.

  40. “Still Showing The (Forced Upon)Blue Google+ bar at top of My Homepage(Classic Google)”
    “Any ideas Please(& Removing the Black line would be a bonus also)”.

  41. Thankyou for this life saver, felt like google was forcing this upon me, just want access to gmail at this current time.

  42. Don’t like what Google are doing these days. Too much integration, and too much signing you in to things you don’t want to be part of. I am at the stage where I will ditch all gmail accounts.

    Your honestly better off registering your own domain name and getting yourself some webspace, that way you can get your very own email address. Most half decent hosts have online email facilities. I admit its not as good as gmail, but at least you don’t get signed in to loads of stuff.

  43. thanks! and judging from all the other people thanking you, everyone hates Google+! LOL

  44. my yahoo email address is still left in google account.. so how i will delete permanently from google ??

  45. Thanks!!! I wanted to try it out but got really upset when I discovered that the link to photos no longer leads to picasa web albums (which I love to use). This tutorial was very helpful. 🙂

  46. Hi
    Thanks for the info. Extremely helpful.
    Is it possible to setup a google plus page that will have only my Band name and not my full name?

  47. Thanks so much for the write up. I accidentally signed up for google plus on my phone, thanks for keeping me get rid of it!

  48. Thank you, god, wish I didn’t have to go through this in the first place just to set up a secondary bloody Gmail account for my blog!

  49. i have forgotten my password for google accounts, and have attempted password resets but the email they have for recovery is wrong. can i delete my account without signing in?

  50. thank you VERY much! I appreciate it. Very easy to follow along. If you by chance know how to get back pictures onto blogger after deleting the pictures from google + album (at that time they didn’t have any disclaimer that deleting the pre-uploaded album would delete the pictures from ALL accounts!!!) PLEASE please let me know!! I’m still so upset about that. years of pictures on my blog. gone. Thanks again.

  51. Thank you SOOOO much! I can’t believe how difficult they make it just to get out of Google+. They manipulate the posts and even change the wording so you can’t find the instructions. Yours were great!

  52. cancled google +, gmail, google, youtube, facebook.

    called sprint and cancled my android based fone due to gmail manopoly.

    with all of the athoritarian legislation being passed. I’m backing completely out of google and asosiated services.

    I just cant trust them. I like my privacy and hold it as VERY VERY IMPORTANT

  53. Thank you! I’ve been trying desperately to delete the account! Your site had the clearest and easiest to follow directions!

  54. Thank you very much for your help on removing that annoying GMail+ thing.

    May I suggest that you make your very usefull instructions, printer friendly.
    I wanted to print the web page and my printer said they were 25 pages to print.

    If only the step by step instructions were printer friendly it would be much appreciated.

    And, thank you very much for your VERY valuable information.

  55. If I delete somebody from my G+ circles: is there any chance that they also come to know this thing via email. If so how i block to inform them.

  56. thank you sooooo much 4 this “cheat cheat” i guess i should call it. i was having people come to my wall and it was just really annoying and much of a hassle, i thought it was never possible 2 delete my account on google+ , but thank you, i was able 2 do it. thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    your follower,

  57. Help, this doesn’t work!
    There is NO OPTION that says:
    “Delete profile and remove associated social features”

    It only says:
    Delete entire Google account Close entire account and delete all services and info associated with it
    View, enable, or disable web history Go to web history

  58. So I followed these instructions step by step and my google+ account is still there. I want it gone ASAP I dont like it.

  59. THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    This Google PLUS is way TOO CONFUSING!!! Hate it! Some day if they make it more “user friendly” might try it!

  60. Thanks – nice and straightforward, unlike google’s instructions (deliberately vague and awkward)

  61. Thank you very much, I’ve spend some time trying to find out how to remove damn g+… your instructions worked very well!

  62. Oh thanks that was so helpful,but i need one more help ,Is it possible to disable Circling option on Google.I don’t want that people circle me on their own.How can i disable that option ?

  63. ok- how do ya remove/delete/close the Google+ Youtube acct that Google (seemingly) automatically sets up w/ yer G+ acct. I have my own Youtube acct that I want to bring under my G+ umbrella BUT can’t since (ie, that email is already associated with a Youtube account…”)

    BTW- I am NOT using gmail for either account

    THANKS!! can’t find a way 2 do this AARRGGH!

  64. I dont need google plus with my account because google plus only one thing do and that is hacking my devices.

  65. THANK YOU for this page. I wanted my picasa web albums back, and now I have them!! Didn’t use google+ anyhow.

  66. Thanks man i delete it sukc amazing i stay on facebook and not to google plus google haves amazing thgings but tis NOT

  67. thanx….
    Realy it`s very simpal and easy to understand nice tutorial.
    thanx a lot……

  68. this was very helpful but i think all accounts are modified. i didnt get much help from this but got some and i tried some on my own.first you have to click your account photo on top right and click privacy. next, click on account overview and then do the give.

  69. thanks you very much for this.

    No longer am I redirected to a crappy g+ version of my photos when I goto picasa 🙂

  70. Couldn’t have figured this out without your help. Google+ is so complicated and not worthy of my time and effort to sort out. Thank you so much!

  71. ima sooo proud of dis community !!! well dun! keep up ur gud wrk!

  72. Thank you. I was going in circles there. I knew I’d done it before for a friend, but I couldn’t find the right magic sequence this time. AAAARGH.
    Just for info – my screen didn’t have the handy-dandy icon at top right, so I went through ?settings? at the top left, just under the Google+ logo.

  73. Thank you. Though they’ve changed the delete process, your info at least got me going the right direction. I don’t know if it’s Google (probably), FireFox 11.0 (probably NOT, or what, but even Google doesn’t work on my XP machine (yea, yeah, I know). Only if I use IE 8.0 and I don’t like using IE (though that’s the only way I could get to your info at the present time….

  74. Thanks. What a relief to get rid of Google+ and its crippled photo site. Picasa Web Albums is perfect for my needs – clean, fast slideshows to send to my friends and family. No self promotion, no social media. Perfect.

  75. anyone know if i can delete a bog standard google account but keep the gmail account? i only wanted another email address and accidentally created an account for it

  76. They also deleted my YouTube-page, which, luckily, I recovered. But I got the Google+ back again.

  77. Your instructions lead me to the right place and worked for me, but the pages & link names have changed since your original post. Might want to update with the new screens that Google uses today.

  78. Thank you very much for the help!
    BTW, I think it is ironic how you ask us to +1 the article just after telling us how to delete google+ 🙂

  79. Yes i got it removed
    that was an annoying service
    Thank’s Rohit Khurana

  80. Thank you! I accidently set it up and had a profile I didn’t even know about until someone sent me a circle request or whatever they call it. Thank you!

  81. This website was very helpful, my mom didn’t want me having a face book and although this isn’t TOO much like it it still border lines her comfort zone, i need to know how to quit before she found out i had one so Thank you!

  82. Phew! I thought I’d never get rid of it! Thanks, these were good clear instructions! 😉

  83. What will happen when iGoogle is retired next year? How will video chat and the few useful gadgets I have on my personalized home page be accessed? Is google+ the way to keep them? I did try Chrome but it does not work well on my mac.

  84. thank you sooooo much!!!! This has had me going around in circles all day because I was so afraid I’d delete my gmail too!
    You are awesome! 🙂

  85. Evidently this is no longer possible or is different somehow when using gmail in the classic view as there is no option to “delete profile and social features” where it’s described in this article. Perhaps that’s becuse the google + content I’m looking to delete is on the primary profile or because Google uis being stupid and not allowing you to remove it anymore… which seems to be another aspect of Google and Facebook, and all the other stupid social sites/aps wanting to control everything.

  86. Ah, the procedure is a bit different now or different in the gmail classic view….

    Now go click on the account icon at the upper right, choose “account” and the option is at the bottom of that page. The appearance is a bit different but it’s there.

  87. Thanks! What an agressive unfair way to keep people in this unsecured social network: emphasizing that you have a chance to delete all your emails if you do something wrong. Igot so scared I was procrastinating to quit for half a year.

  88. Thanks for getting me further that 12 other searches. Went exactly like you said, up until… when it didn’t work. It kept INSISTING that I also check Gmail from items to delete. It just didn’t want to do it.

  89. Thank you for the assist. I spent more time trying to kill + than I ever used the site. Then I searched your instructions and killed it in a couple of minutes.

  90. As of this Dec-2012, there are two posts relating to this specific G+ a/c Deletion questions that was prominently displayed.
    The content on this particular post is the most helpful, concise and direct, as it was recently ‘updated’!
    Thanks for the author of this post.

  91. Thanks for your help! The Circles thing annoys me…… There are bothersome people around…

  92. thank u so much really usefull for us …………………………………..

  93. hey thanks so much! this really helped! Some of the pictures are old, but I understood what you meant. 🙂

  94. thanks! are you sure that it will delete the account. how much time will it take?

  95. Thanks so much for the heads up!

    I rely on gmail being as quick as possible, and since I’m socialite twit and I don’t FacePlant, I don’t want any excess baggage!

  96. Thankyou!….the whole thing is a damn nuisance…a waste of space aswell… and learn!

  97. I hate social networking…if I want to know what you’re doing, I’ll call/tweet/ask.

  98. Thanks! Google+ won’t allow for just my company so this came in great help!

  99. Thank you so much, i am horrible with computers and it is always so confusing to delete what you want, and keep what you want to have saved.

  100. I was able to work through the steps the other day (your tutorial confirmed that I did it correctly). How long does it take, though, for the google+ pop-up screen to go off and my old google way of sending emails come back? Thanks.

  101. I went through the steps the other day to delete google+. Its screen still pops up whenever I send an email. How long does it take for the function to be removed after going the disabling steps?

  102. Need to delete Google plus off my phone please. I have a new account with Hotmail

  103. these fuckers are force feeding me shit that i don’t like the taste of, fuck google and fuck facebook.

  104. ok, i did everything exactly this tutorial told me to, and now, when i try to go to the inbox, ONCE AGAIN it tells me that i need to give myself a full name, and re-create a google+ account
    ( What you’ll get: A Google+ profile
    Your channel comes with a public Google+ profile. It helps friends find your videos and other content you share on Google.)
    so i cant go to my inbox or to my channel unless i have THAT FUCKING UGLY ASS USELESS GOOGLE+ SHIT!! >:(((((

  105. Can anyone help me? I created a new gmail account under my current gmail account in hopes to hide my identity for sensitive postings. Somehow I made it my primary email address and can’t figure out how to change the primary gmail/email address back to the original without losing my new gmail address – and, of course, it’s already been circulated so I can’t risk losing it.

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