[How To] Delete HP Support Assistant on HP Laptop From Taskbar

There are many hp laptop users who are most often annoyed by a notification which keeps coming from the taskbar of the HP support assistant, its really disturbs you if you see some thing like this in the middle of something important. HP support assistant is another bloat ware which comes pre installed in most of the HP Laptops.

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As this app will try to run some tune up service which does nothing actually to enhance the system machines and specially when you run this on a HP netbook or Pc it will further make the machine more slower and impossible to use while running and even when you see the pop up notification in taskbar, you cant even click on any other program interface. There are settings in Support assistant to turn off certain features or reminders, some of the reminders are important, like software and driver updates.

Remove Uninstall HP Support Assistant

In order to remove hp support assistant, you will need to open add remove programs or programs and features which can be easily found or located under control panel in windows 8 or 7


Now, select to uninstall a program and then select HP support assistant and remove the same.


Once you remove it and restart your HP laptop, you wont see the annoying HP Support assistant again.


Almost every brand laptops these days come up with certain bloat ware and in such cases, do let us know if you are annoyed by any other software like this on your laptop, we would love to help you out. 

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